The Medicine Wheel and Your Journey to Healing


The medicine wheel, also known as the shamanic medicine wheel, Native American medicine wheel or Indigenous medicine wheel, is an indigenous Native American tool used in shamanic Healing Practices. For thousands of years, the sacred medicine wheel has been used to facilitate such spiritual shamanic Journeys and shamanic meditation. This concept is brought into the modern world by partaking in group Spiritual Circles or Sacred meditation Circles, facilitated by a spiritual teacher, shamanic Practitioner, or shamanic meditation Facilitator. 

In Native American Culture, the physical and metaphysical worlds carry equal importance and significantly affect one another. Traditionally, the metaphysical world is referred to as 'the Great Blue Road', and the physical world, or material world, is known as 'the Great Red Road'. 


During a shamanic medicine wheel Journey, we set the physical medicine wheel up to voyage into the metaphysical realm. With a foot in both worlds, our sacred meditation circle will embark on a spiritual journey through the wheel to gain insights, receive answers to challenges or discover opportunities. 

According to Indigenous medicine wheel teachings, we can physically journey into the sacred medicine wheel from all four directions, north, south, east, or west. Once the Sacred meditation Circle is drawn into a particular direction, our work commences from that point. 

If the Spiritual Circle is unable to reach a decision regarding direction, it may be possible that we are sitting in the centre of the wheel, known as 'the Void'. In this position, we find ourselves lost or in unknown territory and should position ourselves facing no particular direction.

Shamanic Practitioner Training and medicine wheel teachings instruct facilitators to firstly construct a physical circular structure from sticks, stones, or any other natural material. A symbol for the Tree of Life is placed at the centre of the medicine wheel, or 'the void', and directions are pinpointed.

Once the medicine wheel is physically set up, it is time for the metaphysical setup, which involves performing a ceremony to bring it into energy. You can visualise an energy sphere surrounding the entire structure at this stage. Universal and metaphysical rules need to be put in place to ensure that the circle is a safe and healing circle. 

Once the physical and metaphysical setup is complete, the facilitator can guide the individuals in the spiritual circle along the medicine wheel Journey. Guided by free will and the intention set at the start, participants will always have the option to decide the direction in which they wish to go. 

With many years of tradition and ceremony, the medicine wheel is a powerful tool that can be accessed by any person, regardless of culture, to get clarity and insights into our lives' cycles and seasons, journeys, spiritual direction, and more. 

Ultimately, the sacred medicine wheel is a healing and meditation tool that helps bridge the physical and metaphysical worlds.

Please visit our page for more information on the medicine wheel, shamanic Healing and shamanic Practitioner Training. We also offer several workshops and retreats to experience the healing power of the medicine wheel for yourself.

The Medicine Wheel Practitioners Training

This workshop is designed for ethical and conscious professionals wanting to use the wheel in their practice to unlock change and healing, whether 1-on-1 or groups. Read the full details here

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