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Welcome to Rezinate. We work with Spirit; otherwise known as that invisible intelligent energy that permeates through all things. This energy underpins our physical, our emotional and our mental wellbeing. We have coaching, healing and courses available for you to MASTER your energy. Get in touch today! James and Debbie Pask. Join us today for our popular spiritual healing getaway “Healing Holidays Retreat” and give yourself the gift of rejuvenation.

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Numerology 2021

How to set up 2021 for the best year: Numerology Update

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021 People often ask us what is the most effective (spiritual) way to start […]

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Life Update in Quarantine (after 5 months and counting…)

written by: Prime Sarino Hello. My name is Prime and I live in Cebu in the Philippines and I work […]

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uncertainty in times of Covid-19

Being Certain of Yourself in a Time of Uncertainty

by: Hannah Dempsey, Sydney 2020 has washed a wave of uncertainty over humankind.  Although starting with a bang, 2020 soon […]

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unleashing confidence

Confidence Unpacked

We all use the word confidence in everyday life, right? Confidence to act. Self-confidence. She’s a confident presenter or he’s […]

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