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Welcome to Rezinate. We work with Spirit; otherwise known as that invisible intelligent energy that permeates through all things. This energy underpins our physical, our emotional and our mental wellbeing. We have coaching, healing and courses available for you to MASTER your energy. Get in touch today! James and Debbie Pask. Join us today for our popular spiritual healing getaway “Healing Holidays Retreat” and give yourself the gift of rejuvenation.

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unleashing confidence

Confidence Unpacked

We all use the word confidence in everyday life, right? Confidence to act. Self-confidence. She’s a confident presenter or he’s […]

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Develop a Meditation Practice For Deeper Connection

Video transcript below MEDITATION! That word is very popular and we are all told we need to master it. So, […]

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Technology Versus Our Intuitive Spirit

We all love TECH, right? I know I value my iPhone to do videos on the move and surf the […]

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eco-based regeneration area

What is the RIGHT action to take RIGHT NOW?

We are all being called to take the RIGHT action in the RIGHT moment. The world is changing and more […]

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