Medicine Room Healing Training Course

 via remote/long distance

STARTS JAN 22 & 23 Weekend in 2022
Accepting EARLY BIRD ENROLMENTS until 30th of NOVEMBER 2021


Do you want to super-charge your healing abilities and provide world class energy healing sessions to your clients – from ANYWHERE in the world?

James and Debbie Pask will be sharing their CUTTING EDGE processes and
world class techniques so you can do healing work with friends, family OR
your clients from any location you choose.

Energy medicine and quantum healing is a cutting-edge way to help people through big life challenges – from trauma, mental health issues, physical issues, ancestral burdens and more. 

With our current world pandemic and the need to do our work remotely at home or from a DISTANCE, energy medicine healing is invaluable.

In our 6-module online course, we will show you how to set up a MEDICINE ROOM Energy healing space and conduct a powerful healing session.

After 27,000 sessions and 20 years of healing training – Debbie and James Pask have mastered the art of distance healing and work out of their Byron Bay home with clients in over 30 countries.

Benefits of Doing this Course

Transform your career and take your healing abilities to the next leve

Learn to set up a Quantum Healing Room

Help transform all kinds of client issues such as cutting cords, belief systems, feeling stuck and anxious or unwell. Session can be done via face-to-face or distance through internet especially in the season of lock down and isolation and people are restricted to travel.

Sharpen your spiritual connection to your self and source energy

Every healing session deepen your connection to course energy and your inner guidance, as though you are getting healing and deep meditation for thyself.  

Makes a great addition TO ANY WELL-BEING OFFER

If you are a wellness and holistic practitioner or an existing coach of any wellness industry, this is a great asset AND also acts as a holistic stand alone modality if starting your practice.

Hone your intuitive energy and sensing energy power

Do life better and work better with advanced skills that are beyond anything you can learn at a regular school or university 

A safe way to work with the power of your spirit and the spirit of your clients avoiding external or third-party influences.

Flexibility of access

You decide your hours, when, where and with whom you work. This healer training course will out back the freedom into your hands. 

Assist in clients' spiritual and intuitive skill transformations

Help clients address their issues, including physical pain, addiction and figuring out their karma and big life lessons. 

Make a relevant social impact!

Can you imagine a purpose more
important than that?


No prior experience and practice required

You only need the passion and love for healing and James and Debbie will  teach you the rest. Of course if you have studied healing already, this will be like a whole new level. 

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Debbie is a gifted spiritual healer. She has immense passion and insight when delivering workshops and healings. She is warm, giving and loving and has an amazing gift for making the world a better place.”

    Counsellor and Psychotherapist

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Working with James over the last several months has been so incredibly helpful. His approach to healing and personal change is unique, deep, and very effective. James helped me move through a couple of key issues I’d been stuck and frustrated with for some time. Uncovering the underlying (metaphysical) causes allowed me to clear and heal them for good, and to make space to step into a much more empowered and wholesome place within myself (whoo hoo!) James is awesomely good at what he does. He’s grounded, insightful, with many years experience (which shows)”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “My deep healing session with Debbie was a truly wonderful and impactful experience. I was blown away that in one session we were able to resolve energy blocks and issues I had been carrying my whole life. I loved how Debbie tailored the healing method to my specific needs and personality. She made me feel safe, supported, and empowered - both during and after our session. Thank you Debbie for the skill and care in which you do your

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Rezinate created a wonderfully safe and supportive environment for me to develop the tools necessary to further understand myself and find my purpose, James and Debbie worked together perfectly and explain guide and unlock a greater understanding of myself both spiritually and practically.

    I am already looking at how I can ensure I don't loose touch with what I experienced and how I can make time to keep practicing ways to stay grounded...”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “A naturally vibrant environment to imbibe a wealth of new learning through experiences and restorative rituals. Thank You!”


  • James & Debbie Pask

    “I’m feeling clearer more focused on myself and my direction. Love the home work Debbie gives you and information in the healing. It all really makes sense and easy to shift.
    Thank you. I’ll be back for more 🍒”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “What a wonderful experience. We covered so much in one day but at a perfect pace.
    Debbie and James are both so knowledgeable and wonderful, it was an absolute treat.
    I came away a lot wiser, grounded and feeling so positive.”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Thank you James and Debbie for the journey and your vision. The course as a whole was a nice step by step of balanced understanding. I especially loved the animal stories shared in the final session, they seemed to open possibilities I have not experienced or given thought to before!”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “My meditation & vision pulled me to the South of the medicine wheel, of faith, trust, humility, innocence and child within; the element of Water, gifts, lessons, understanding, intuition, consciousness-wisdom energy... Evolvement & Integration we my lessons and gifts? Such a powerful experience at this incredible retreat... Thank you Rezinate & Debbie Pask”

    Queensland, 2019

Where does the idea of a Medicine Room come from?

Medicine rooms first came into our awareness through spiritual teachers such as Tom Brown Jnr and Jamie Sams. We have heard many spiritual cultures (mainly Native American Indian culture) talk about energy medicine (healing oneself through energy) and medicine rooms (the container that holds the energy space to heal).

As we have been in the energy healing space for over 40 years combined, we have drawn the concept of Medicine Room healing and our years of research and live sessions, into a process that can assist you to take your healing work to a new level. 

The ‘quantum’ healing (or medicine) room can assist you to create powerful healing changes
for the person or client you are working with. Not bound by space and time, medicine rooms
are your personal and powerful healing dimension that once set up – can be used
again and again for client healing.
As this quantum energetic space knows its purpose and grows in life force,
your healing just grows stronger every time you practice it. 

What is included in this 6 Module Online Teacher Training


Module 1

Energy Foundations and Fundamentals of Metaphysics  
Who and what you are as Spirit and how that relates to self, other and the world. Teaching includes how to read energy, how to direct it and how to deeply communicate with energy as medicine. Teaching includes understanding the metaphysical layers of the body – auric fields, chakra systems, blueprints, healed quantum states and more.


Module 2

Intuitive Skills Mastery
Master the key ways to tune into your natural psychic senses and gifts of intuition to sense, read and feel energy and Spirit. Expect to hone in on your key X Factor (intuitive gift) and work with that to deliver powerful healing sessions.

medicine room

Module 3

Design and build your unique virtual etheric “Medicine Room” to boost your skills as a healer so you can provide deeper and more profound repair and healing sessions. Debbie and James share their unique healing methods and will help you to map your own healing room, which knows you and your intention intimately. Teaching includes the theory, the set up, and how you can use the medicine room for more powerful healings.

healing energy

Module 4

Learn x5 Key healing techniques to do in your medicine room. Based on client challenges from James and Debbie’s collection, this powerful set of tools are honed and proven to work in real life sessions. Includes clearing energy saboteurs and cords from and to others, correcting dis-ease and distress in the body, grounding and earthing for detox, purification from toxins and connecting to quantum healed states.  

medicine healing practice course

Module 5

Practice Practice Practice
Setting you some experiential healing practice sessions that will be done live in class to observe PLUS outside of the course in your practice time to then discuss and troubleshoot in class. This module will be bringing it all together and to align with the kind of healer/medicine room practitioner you want to be.  An assignment will be set to deepen your training and documentation. You will be instructed how to set up an effective healing 3 part session – discussion, healing and debrief methodology.

energy medicine holistic healing

Module 6

Assignment; Healing Session Log Books
Final chance to Q&A plus discussing healing assignments and feedback will be submitted. A chance to bring to the table any HOW TO questions, any client or personal challenges you want to know how to heal/support using the energy medicine room. Plus discussion on how you can explain and advertise your sessions and what they can do for people.     

How will the training be delivered?


Module 1 - 4 will be run LIVE on Zoom in
ONE WEEKEND for full immersion. 
In addition, there will be x4 2 hour weekly follow up tutoring sessions to ask questions and discuss cases.   

So that is 24 Hours of training in total – plus review and feedback of your healing assignment.

Live demonstrations (online with ZOOM) with exercises in self-healing and healing for your classmates. Practical application of the techniques is the best way to really embody the steps in the healing journey so you can better understand what others are going through (empathy).


We believe that it’s essential for you to have your own powerful work book, which includes an explanation of all the concepts covered in the energy medicine training course. You’ll add various tools, for example, mindfulness meditation, and templates to your workbook so you have all the information you need at your fingertips. In the end, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to safely set up and practice medicine energy healing that will enable you to deepen your practice as a holistic healer.

Powerful metaphysical talks

Topics include the fundamentals of healing and transformation. Information comes in the form of short knowledge bites and longer conversations about new developments in the field of holistic energy and spiritual healing, and all related subsets.

Bring it to Life 

The course concludes with case studies, examples of the applications of the different techniques, and real-life applications of how and when to use various healing methods in your medicine room.

 In addition, Debbie and James are available to answer your questions about the journey, as well as all matters pertinent to setting up your own healing practice. 

They are available to guide you along the path and to advance your skills as a healer, no matter where you are in your healing career.

 The Schedule: 1st Weekend - JAN 22 & 23, 2022

Ongoing practice / Q&A Tuesday evenings
#1 - Feb 1st 7- 9 pm
#2 - Feb 8th 7- 9 pm
#3 - Feb 15th 7- 9 pm
#4 - Feb 22nd 7 -9 pm

If you are in another time zone, recording will be made LIVE for 48 hours
after the sessions run live, to catch up  


Book your place now to advance your own healing journey and also up-level your client sessions.

Our Energy medicine room training is designed to provide you with deep knowledge of the healing concepts so that you can confidently apply them in your practice. 

Accepting Early Bird Enrollments (til NOV 30th 2021)

Early bird - $1,499 (save $400) 
or Early bird over 5 payments of $325 each

FULL COURSE Fee is $1,899

Limited numbers, so be sure to act quickly to secure your spot!

What is Energy Medicine/Healing?

Energy medicine entails working with the invisible layers of energy, spirit and quantum fields to take our healing to the next level. In this age of Aquarius and new consciousness, energy healing is at the heart of our evolution. 

If you are a coach, healer, natural praccie or are otherwise working in the world of spiritual transformation, this Energy Medicine apprenticeship is a game changer for both your inner work and working with clients.  

With over 40 years combined experience, as well as more than 20 modalities between them, and well over 27,000 live sessions with clients, Debbie and James have long been pioneers in the fields of metaphysical, energy, and spiritual healing. They are renowned for their intuitive skills that help people get to the heart of the matter so they can effectively become their own healer on their journey of self-discovery.

Now, in this energy medicine training course, they will be teaching you powerful techniques and giving you invaluable tips to build a busy, reputable, successful, and well-known healing practice.

James Pask-Rezinate-course-facilitator

James Pask

Metaphysical Teacher and HEALING FACILITATOR

James Pask has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about.

Debbie Pask-Rezinate-course-facilitator

Debbie Pask

transformation coach, and TEACHER OF deep energy healing

With a background in Advertising at board level, a degree in Philosophy and 16 years training in Energy healing work, Debbie Pask is an example of how the rational and intuitive can come together to create a stronger approach to business.

Debbie’s core passion is to help people discover & unlock their own ‘life purpose’ and then go about planning and designing their utopian business around it.

BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW – Starts Jan 2022

Accepting Early Bird Enrolments (til NOV 30th 2021)

Early bird - $1499 (save $400) 
Early bird over 5 payments of $325 each

Program Regular Fee is $1899

Limited numbers, so be sure to act quickly to secure your spot!


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