Learn how to switch on Your Spiritual Super Powers in this 6-part online course

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Imagine what your life would be like if you were at the right place… at the right time…so that the right opportunities presented themselves to you.

Being “in tune" with your inner wisdom enables synchronicity to show up in your life.

This course can help.

Master Your Intuition is a six-week guided program where we share our 40+ years of collective experience and training in the field of Intuition Mastery so you can easily switch on your intuitive powers and connect to your inner wisdom.

There has never been a better time for you to feel confident, clear, and calm.

That’s why we are offering you this online, six-week course for only $395 (normally $595) because collectively we can make ourselves, and our world, a better place.

Who is Master Your Intuition for?

> If you are a beginner or never had any type of spiritual training or awakening, then you will find our step-by-step processes easy to follow and practice and help you feel grounded

> If you are more advanced, this course will help you up-level your skills. Forget needing to pay a psychic or external person to help you make decisions, you can develop and hone your own gifts to become your own oracle.

Symbols in Line Rezinate

When you tune into your intuition
(your spiritual superpower) 
you can:

-- Make decisions easily with clarity and confidence

-- Develop powerful daily practices to stay in flow and alignment

-- Learn good energy boundaries so you don't take on anyone else's negative baggage

-- Find and hone in on your X-Factor

-- Uncover your purpose and follow your true path

--Reconnect with your true self.



Some of the intuitive senses we explore in the course are:

✓ Clairvoyance

✓ Clairsentience

✓ Clairaudience

✓ Clair empathy

✓ Clairalience (smell)

✓ Clairgustance  (taste)

✓ Psychometry/Clairtangency (touch/object)

✓ Claircognizance (clear knowing)

In this six-week program, we will teach you what original senses are available to you, how to harness these gifts, and how to practically apply them to everyday life situations.


Does any of this sound familiar?

People often tell us they quieten the voice inside their head that says :

"Something doesn't feel right"

"I don't know what to do"

 "This doesn't feel like me"

'Don't date or marry that person"

"The right path forward isn't clear".

They say, "It's just the fear talking. Just feel the fear and do it anyway".


We teach you to trust your own spiritual gift of intuition instead of listening to fear and doubt.

When you learn how to truly connect with your intuition - your innate spiritual superpower - you can utilise this gift to its full potential.

Once you do, it will give you clarity, purpose, alignment, and confidence, and guide you in every decision and life experience you come across.

Join thousands of our past students by joining our Master Your Intuition online course so you, too, will be able to trust yourself in the decisions you make for your life going forward.


Intuition means being in tune with flow and ease in your life. Learning how to be your own oracle means you retain your confidence and power to make decisions in life. It also means that you set yourself up to be in flow with universal rhythm and can tune into your X-Factor.

Intuition training teaches you how to use your natural birthright senses, accessing your internal guidance system, and connect to your real self and your true nature.

Learn to guide yourself and not letting others guide you means that you go inside and make the right decisions for you, without anyone else’s agenda. You are always the strongest person and most able to choose the decisions you and your family need in matters of health, wealth and more…

We practice and teach the notion of self-guided messages. We don’t call anything outside of ourselves in, and we don’t worship anything outside of ourselves. We believe we are powerful and free beings who are more than capable of leading and choosing our course.

What's included

  • 6 x 90min Pre-recorded Teachings 

  • Weekly activities and practices, including 18 meditations and 23 intuitive practices 

  • BONUS Cord Cutting Meditation

  • BONUS Sacred Time Management Video Series

  • Access to resources for the lifetime of the program.


introduction to intuition


We discuss what it is, how it works, and why it’s so critical for our evolution. We also introduce the eight Key Intuitive Skills you will learn over the coming modules.

intuitive body guidance


We apply the idea of intuition to the inner workings of your body so you can better connect and communicate with your physical body and heal from inside out.

intuitive decision making


Learn the art of making life decisions with clarity, and moving away from stress and into calm, clear knowing.

intuition relationships boundaries


Tuning into and reading the energy vibe, and managing boundaries with others to stay strong and powerful. 

conversing intuitive mind


Practice the art of deep communication with your higher mind to improve your “self-talk”, to stay in balance and to hold your shape when the world around you crashes.



Establishing a connection with the quantum field and aligning your goals with your true path and purpose (being in right place at the right time).


Inside the  program, we will teach you the foundations and framework you need to connect and switch on your Intuitive Super Powers to use in everyday life!

Over the six-week program, we pass on our 40+ years of training, teaching, healing, and spiritual intelligence, putting you in the driver’s seat of your life, to once again feel confident, calm, and knowing.

Using this intuition mastery training, you can create long-lasting and positive changes in your life by building a powerful relationship to the innate spiritual intelligence within you, also known as your energy field.

This knowledge is taught in a practical, easy to digest and grounded way so you can begin to practice straight away.

 After the Master Your Intuition program, 
you’ll be equipped and ready to:

Make decisions, and life direction becomes super clear and obvious.
You start meeting better quality people who match your wiser vibration
You gain confidence on your life path and learn to trust yourself authentically.
Your boundaries with others get stronger and you attract less drama.
The right opportunities present themselves as you are more inflow with the larger cosmos.
You can tune into your body and start the healing process.


Bonus #1

Cutting Energy Cord

This audio track is a must have when you feel stuck and glued to someone else's energy and bad vibes. It helps bring your energy back and send theirs back to them to deal with. 

Set yourself free!

Bonus #2

Sacred Time Management
Video Series

We know that life is busy and it can be hard to make personal time to nourish yourself. This video series will show you exactly how you can make the time and commit to it so your whole life runs more smoothly. Debbie's corporate background combined with her spiritual teaching will show you a whole new way of carving out your sacred time in a busy life schedule.

About Us

We (Debbie and James Pask) have a combined 40+ years of experience in the field of spiritual teaching, healing and transformation.

James Pask is a metaphysical teacher and holographic kinetics practitioner. James has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about.

Debbie Pask is a transformation coach, trainer and deep energy healer. Combined with a background in Advertising at board level, a degree in Philosophy and 16 years training in Energy healing work, Debbie Pask is an example of how the rational and intuitive can come together to create a stronger approach to business.

Debbie’s core passion is to help people discover and unlock their own ‘life purpose’ and then go about planning and designing their utopian business around it.

After 27,000 + sessions, we have compiled some of the greatest spiritual practices and tools you need for a connected and calm time here on planet earth.

We've been teaching spiritual intelligence for years and have now invested that wisdom into this program that you can immerse yourself in, whenever you need it, from wherever you are in the world.
Using this intuition mastery training you can create long-lasting and positive changes in your life by building a powerful relationship to the innate spiritual intelligence within you, also known as your energy field.

James & Debbie Pask

“I love your course I have gotten a lot more understanding and clarity on working with my spiritual talents.”

James & Debbie Pask

“ Powerful as always.”

James & Debbie Pask

“Just finished module 5. This module is important to me…
…Soon I get rid of the negativity from my home, this module will my top priority.”

James & Debbie Pask

“On every level James is assisting me with my growth on a spiritual level. James is one of the most talented, giving, humble, sincere and delightful people you could ever wish to have come into your life to assist you on your path of spiritual growth and happiness. ”

James & Debbie Pask

“Two amazing down to earth healers that truly help you release "old baggage" & awaken to your own personal inner strength!... Thank you!”

James & Debbie Pask

“Debbie is a gifted spiritual healer. She has immense passion and insight when delivering workshops and healings. She is warm, giving and loving and has an amazing gift for making the world a better place.”


1.How long will each module take to complete?

The video training weekly class is 90 minutes. You will have practice sessions that will apply to everyday life which will take anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes to do. You may repeat this practice as many times as you like and revisit it later down the track.

2. How long will the content be made available?

Your course will be available all the time with your unique LOG IN. There is no time limit. You can access your lesson at any day and time you want.

3. What if I have questions or get stuck with the lessons?

Simply write down your inquiry and questions on the comment box found at the bottom of each lesson page OR, post your question in the private FB group that you will be invited to once you sign up. You can also share ideas and your practices with other like-minded souls.

4. What If I cannot access my intuitive self?

Everyone has access to these skills and it might take some time to develop. We promise that if you follow the advice we provide, you will notice changes and start to tune in more every week.

5. Who is this course developed for?

This course is aimed at any level as the concepts are unique and cutting-edge. If you are a beginner, your mind will be expanded in enormous ways. If you have dabbled or regularly tune in to your psychic self, then expect some new material that will stretch you in new ways. The combined experiences of Debbie and James with over 40 years of training between them will give you a deep understanding of this realm.

6. Does this material conflict with any religions out there?

Our lessons are spiritual and yet NOT religious. We don’t pray to anything outside of ourselves and we don’t challenge your personal spiritual beliefs. We believe that you are source energy and therefore have access to innate intelligence – spiritual senses that go beyond the physical. We teach you how to find these senses within YOU and we don’t refer to any religion, gods, goddesses, or deities.


Learn how to switch on Your Spiritual Super Powers in this 6-part online course


6 x 90min Pre-recorded Teachings 
Weekly activities, 18 meditations and 23 intuitive practices 
BONUS Cord Cutting Meditation
BONUS Sacred Time Management Video Series
Access to resources for the lifetime of the program

Start Today $595 $395

James & Debbie Pask

“James’ knowledge of metaphysics and ability to communicate that knowledge in an accessible way is fantastic. James shares his knowledge and skills with generosity and warmth, giving practical examples and ways to incorporate metaphysical principals into everyday life. James is a teacher who really walks his talk with the greatest of integrity.”

James & Debbie Pask

“I have found that these activities have clearly been working because I noticed that my dreams and realisations coming up from the subconscious following some of the meditations and brain storming activities is helping put some puzzle pieces together and further release stuck things”

James & Debbie Pask

“Thank you James and Debbie for the journey and your vision. The course as a whole was a nice step by step of balanced understanding.”

James & Debbie Pask


Healing happens fast when you work with their meta-physical skills.”

James & Debbie Pask

“James Pask is an amazing individual and a very compassionate healer. His readings are incredibly accurate and very comprehensive...”

James & Debbie Pask

“Debbie is an oasis of confidence, empowerment, and love. She not only helped me focus my career goals and feel amazing about them but she helped me realize my full potential and why I had been holding myself back from achieving it. ”

Master Your Intuition 

An online self-paced course that teaches you how to find clarity, make better decisions, and trust yourself more by harnessing your greatest gift: Intuition!