Feeling Overwhelmed?

Find your Spiritual Centre in these Challenging Times

Join Debbie and James Pask for a series of 2-hour supercharged webinars on how you can stay grounded, calm, and even powerful in this changing global era. Activating your own ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ will help you combat the fear and division being fed during times of overwhelming information and change.


Each of our webinars is created to give you the tools and mindset to reignite
your personal power
and rise above the chaos and
vibrating around the planet
right now.

 Are you feeling:

> Anxious

> Overwhelmed

> Angry

> Hopeless

> Powerless

> Isolated

> Fearful

> Resentful

How the Webinar helps you:

  • Understand the CYCLES of time and what is happening on a global energetic scale.

  • Move past the feeling of division and find COMMON =UNITY (community)

  • Hold a new vision of what the future can be and should be

    • Feel like you are part of something bigger and connect with like-minded people.

  • Find inner peace and calm when the outside world rattles you

    • Let go of fear, anxiety and worries with powerful group healing meditations.

    • Make decisions without the overwhelming clutter of media, others, google, etc.

Each of our two-hour webinars include:

1. Group Healing Journey meditation at the start to get the clearing you need

2. Download and express your concerns and listen to other like-minded people

3. Take a Deep Dive into a spiritual teaching you can apply to everyday life

4. Future Visioning Meditation to dream up a better world for all of us
(the power of group octave energy).

Choose the topics you want to watch
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Webinars =The 5 Series

Watch the 5 Webinar Series

Book your ticket for only AUD$150 for all the 5 WEBINAR Series

- Understanding the Cycles of Time
- Holding your Space when Other People Drop into Fear or Anger
- How to Deal with Other Peoples Psychic Projections
- How to TRUST Yourself Deeply
- How to Create a Healing Sanctuary in Your Home

Rezinate_Understanding the Cycles of  Time Webinar

Understanding the Cycles of  Time

Why this is Happening and How You Can Positively Contribute to a Better Outcome

Includes (2) part Meditations

During this webinar, we'll explore, learn and understand why we are experiencing the global and personal vibrations, and teach you to:

  • Know everything is happening in the right time, like all past cycles that have happened over time

  • Get the Eagles Perspective and learn to stay above the low vibrational frequencies and bandwidth that keep you stuck in fear, anger, or anxiety

  • Understand the power of using positive emotions - like LOVE vs FEAR - to make change and support a positive outcome for this current cycle of time  

  • Learn and use the Power of Octaves

  • Feeding the old dimension versus feeding a new better dream state and dream up a better future life form.

Rezinate_Holding your Shape Webinar

Holding your Space when Other People Drop into Fear or Anger

Includes (2) part Meditations

During this webinar, we'll explore, learn and understand why we are experiencing the global and personal vibrations, and teach you to:

  • Stay centred in your values and hold it together with courage and peace

  • We’ll discuss ways for you to have your voice expressed without making enemies, and what to do when you feel alienated

  • Aligning your heart and head for better actions as this global change takes place

  • How to combat other people’s control or pressure on you and stand in your truth

  • Daily and weekly techniques for staying on track with your TRUE self and beliefs.

Rezinate_How to Deal with Other Peoples Psychic Projections

How to Deal with Other Peoples Psychic Projections

Stay Clear and Clean and Balanced

Includes (2) part Meditations

There are a lot of emotions and division happening around the world. When your opinion differs to others, tensions arise, and projections are intentionally or unintentionally sent. This session you'll learn to:

  • Break the spell that is currently thwarting us as a community, country, and planet

  • Know the cleaning methods to protect and clear your energy field

  • Stay balanced and safe in your own centre while interacting with your friends, family, organisations, media, governments and more. 

Rezinate_How to TRUST  Yourself Deeply and Tune into your Intuition

How to TRUST Yourself Deeply

Tune into your Intuition to make the Right Choices and Decisions for You and Your Family

Includes (2) part Meditations

We have been slowly giving away our decision making and trust to external bodies - whether in social circles, government, media, or close partners in our life.

  • Learn how to bring that inner and wiser voice to the surface and start to lead from this true place - tune into your deep inner wisdom for everyday decisions 

  • Take your destiny into your own hands and get clear on the role you want to play

  • Join the community of people looking to create a better world from a heart space.

Rezinate_How to Create a Healing Sanctuary in Your Home

How to Create a Healing Sanctuary in Your Home

A Safe Place to be You

Includes (2) part Meditations

James and Debbie will help you make your home a mini-retreat. Learn how to:

  • Find the tranquility and peace you need at home

  • Escape from a sometimes-crazy world around you

  • Ways to control your inner world and home space, even when you feel you cannot control the outer world

  • Create this positive nurturing space for yourself and family.


Ready to join us for any or all of these power-packed classes of ideas, tools and meditations to find your inner purpose and peace?

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*Your ticket cost includes the two-hour webinar, plus the personal and group healing meditations recorded live and a link sent afterwards for lifetime access.

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  • Rezinate

    “Thank you so much, it was calming and beautiful energy.”

  • Rezinate

    “I have completed my End of Year Healing Journey Part 1 and 2 and Vision for the End of Year Journey I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, it has also given me so much insight about my vision what I am creating for myself for 2024 and what I need to release from 2023. The live event has certainly started the wheels turning, the meditations are amazing and put me in the moment and direction of the here and now. I appreciate and am so grateful and love how Debbie and James have put this journey together. I am still reflecting on my vision and writing down how I want 2024 to be my year of discovering myself more and working towards my goals and achievements. Thank you, Debbie and James, for caring and for all your support in my Spiritual and physical journey.”

  • Rezinate

    “I love that it really doesn't take that many people to collectively influence the world.”

Who we are, 
and why listen to us?


Hi there! We are James and Debbie Pask, and we have spent our lives researching and teaching spirituality, transformation, resilience, and how to read the cycles of time and make meaning of your unique path.

We reckon we understand people pretty well. Collectively, we have delivered over 25,000 healing sessions, we have facilitated over 100 personal and spiritual retreats, plus we have studied over 20 healing and spiritual modalities.  Our two-hour, deep dive talks are designed to pull together deep spiritual concepts and show you how to utilise these in your daily life to get through what we think is a HUGE paradigm shift for humanity.

James Debbie rezinate practitioner coaches


“James and Debbie are extraordinary healers.

Healing happens fast when you work with their meta-physical skills.”


More videos to see what the webinars deliver

1. How Group Meditation Can Dream Up A Better Future

2. How We Use the Hawkins Scale to Move Past This Chaotic Time

3. How Does The Group Healing Meditation Work to Cleanse Your Energy

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