Looking for deeply guided and symbolic shamanic meditation journeys to advance your skills and tune into true inner wisdom?


Debbie Pask has been teaching a unique style of guided meditation journeys for over 15 years and has created a series of 8 Deep guided journeys for you to immerse in.

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Every Advanced Guided Meditation track has:

☼ 20-25 minute guided meditation journeys into a deep natural landscape.

☼ Healing component so that your mind and body can repair.

☼ Deep reflection question to answer after each guided meditation.

☼ Symbolic anchors to unwind and decipher from your meditation.

☼ Experience a different element and colour to absorb.

The 8 Advanced Shamanic Meditations follow these themes:

 Week 1:

EARTH Embodiment 

Deals with survival and basic needs

Week 2:

WATER Embodiment

Planting seeds and creation.

Week 3:

FIRE Embodiment

Finding courage and power

Week 4:

AIR Embodiment

Coherent love & connection

Week 5:

SOUND Embodiment

Expressing your truth

Week 6:

LIGHT Embodiment

Vision and dreaming

Week 7:

SPIRIT Embodiment

Communicating with your higher self

Week 8:

RAINBOW embodiment

Journeying home to your true healed state

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Move past the day-to-day advanced mindfulness meditation practice and take yourself several layers deeper into a truly transcendent state. Designed to boost your inner wisdom and meditation journey experience

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Debbie Pask

About Debbie Pask

For almost 20 years, Debbie has been coaching and helping individuals and groups through personal transformation, spiritual training, and navigating critical life changes. In addition to her face-to-face coaching, she also runs online courses.

She specialises in reconnecting to life purpose and growing a stronger sense of self while staying true to authentic power. Her teachings stem from eastern philosophy, indigenous concepts, psychological frameworks, and shamanistic practices. Her approach is based on principles of non-judgement, so you can feel completely free to explore your insecurity triggers and mental blocks on your journey of self-discovery, confidence development, and spiritual health.

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