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An Effective Way to Start a Dialogue with Your Spirit

Rezinate Blog Start a Dialogue with Your Spirit
A lot of us, we exist in a practical, tangible world. We're getting ready for work, we go about our day and what we don't realize that while we're working or doing our daily routine, our spirit mind is working underneath the scenes. It is operating whether we like it or not. It's there. It is present. It's always online.

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Are you Tapping into your Intuition for Health?

Rezinate Blog-intuition-health
Let’s talk about the importance of tuning into your intuitive senses for the body. We all know that the body can have various things go wrong with it. Ailments, illnesses, various things that throw us out of balance. That’s all part of being human. 

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Are you attracting the right people into your life?

Rezinate Blog_attracting the right person
How’s that for a question? It is one of those big life questions that sits in our deep self and probably doesn’t get a lot of logical thought on a day-to-day basis. But it should… We all operate at a certain type of frequency.

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Is Your Career on Purpose?

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How does intuition play a part in “being on track” with your career? Let’s really discuss this concept of purpose and alignment in your career. Because at the end of the day, most of us have to work, right?

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White Space: 3 Rules to Master Spiritual Awakening

Master your Spiritual Awakening. Many of us have heard the term ‘white space’ which refers to an individual or business having room to pause, course correct, or even think creatively without the pressure of acting or delivering right at that moment.

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Rejuvenate Your Inner Being by Getting Rid of Spirits

Life is one large energy grid and everything that is alive has a spirit in it otherwise, it would be dead. This energy grid holds positive and negative energy; which means it holds positive and negative spirits. The negative energies, bad vibes, and some spirits may be detrimental to your happiness, success, and general inner wellbeing.

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