Is Your Career on Purpose?

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How does intuition play a part in “being on track” with your career? Let’s really discuss this concept of purpose and alignment in your career. Because at the end of the day, most of us have to work, right? We have to make money to feed and clothe ourselves. We have to go off to some sort of job or career each day to earn our living. And if we're going to do that “day in and day out”, why not choose the career that you love and that you're aligned with?

Intuitively we all know the goal is to be happy here. When you enjoy your vocation, then you can be happy when you go off to work every day.

What are the two keys you need working to be on course with your career? 

    If you want to tune in and be on-course with your career, there needs to be some level of intention setting. Once you have an intention for what it is that brings you joy, there will automatically need to be some awareness of what is or isn't working. What feels right or wrong or what does not match that intention. Now that awareness, of course, can be a logical awareness. But logical thinking or rational thinking rarely delivers us alignment of heart or love or joy. Because the brain is very logical. The brain will make decisions that are fear-based or risk-based, or the brain will make a decision that is money-based. But if you're talking about true career alignment or true life purpose, then that has to be a heart decision and a heart response. And there is no way that you can make a heart response if you're not intuitive. If you haven't got your intuitive or psychic senses switched on.

    So when you're talking about aligning to your career, the only way that you will truly know whether you are aligning to your purpose or whether you're on track is if your intuitive senses are telling you that. Not the brain, rather the heart. The most obvious one or the clear sign for a lot of people is the feeling psychic sense also known as clairsentience. The feeling of joy or alignment or happiness or contentment is a feeling that is senses mostly in the body. That's what I would call clairsentience, where we're tuning into our intuitive gift or a psychic sense that is purely FELT. And it's a knowingness. It's an instinct. It's a vibe. But you can also have the clairaudience sense switched on, which is the clear hearing. So, hearing what's right or wrong. Knowing what a right or wrong decision based on voicing them out loud is, or someone asking you a yes or no question to which you clearly know one way or the other. You can see that all of these non-logical, metaphysical intuitive senses are the scale or the benchmark that we use to see how aligned or on purpose we are with our heart around our career or even other life activities.

So being on purpose, being in the heart, does rely on us developing all of our deep intuitive and psychic senses. The ones that aren't the obvious ones of the seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, but the non-physical, the non-rational, the non-visible. All of our psychic senses or intuitive senses are non-visible. We cannot see them literally. And the only reason we know that they're existing or alive is because we get that feeling, sensation, inner- knowing, hearing, sight, flash, vision, whatever it is that comes for you. Claircognizance is just a very obvious inner knowing. A deep inner knowing. That's the only way that we can really feel and make choices from that state around the heart. Because the brain will never, never give you the true heart sense. It will give you what it's programmed, what's it's fearing, and what is rational, which is the opposite of the heart.
So, in terms of being on career purpose, you'll know if you're on career purpose if your heart is happy. If you feel good. If you feel like a knowingness. If you hear things at work or you hear people talking about your work and you just have this clear knowing that it feels right. When you hear it, when you see it, when you feel it, when you sense it. 


I want you to start thinking more along the line of, "How can I enhance, hone, and keep building my intuitive senses so that I can course correct and make choiceful points along the way to follow what is in line with my true heart?". Being intuitive and tapping into your psychic senses is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime. This body and mind and heart of yours can all work as one connected intelligence unit if you fuel it properly. 

Eat well for the body and act with intention.
Think kindly with the mind and speak your truth.
Connect to intuition for the heart and chase your joy.

That is a fantastic working triad of success.


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