An Effective Way to Start a Dialogue with Your Spirit

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We share with you in our 5-day Challenge Training a practical way to start a dialogue, but we wanted to go into it a little bit more deeply. Below we will outline an effective way to start a dialogue with your spirit, especially when you're new, and trying to get messages and answers.

A lot of us, exist in a practical, tangible world. We are getting ready for work, we go about our day, and what we don't realize is that while we're working or doing our daily routine, our spirit mind is working underneath the scenes. It is operating whether we like it or not. It's there. It is present. It's always online.

One of the things that is effective to do begin a dialogue with our spirit, is to grab a journal in the morning and write down the question that you want to ask for guidance from our spirit guides.

It could be “What's the best thing for me to do to bring X into my life?” Or it could be, “Is this the right job to take for my next career move?”, “What must I know to move past this difficult emotional time?” Or it could be anything that you want an answer to.

At the start of your day, writing down a question sets an intention and alerts your spirit. The spirit knows that you are asking something. After closing the journal, do not dwell on the question or actively seek an answer from your mind.  Avoid the urge to actively search for the answer in your thoughts, as this only leads to logical, mind-based responses. Trust that the answer will come to you naturally throughout the day.

At the end of the day, when you are calm and connected when you've had dinner, you've been nourished and you've just got that silent time, is when you open up that journal and then you do some writing and just let flow what needs to flow. It may be about thoughts from your day, and not even answering the question you asked directly. Start journaling some of the things that have happened to you, how you felt, and what's come up. Even journal small things like, "Oh, I saw a bird do X, Y, Z," or, "I'm writing to someone I haven't met in ages or an old friend," or, "This event happened to me," because they're all little answers in some ways to your question that you set out at the beginning.

The ‘silent time’ we are referring to above, is much more of a mysterious, creative, silent time. We've heard that the veil between spirit and physical is closer or lifted so that it's more of a merged and morphed field at night time. 

So try this out, and see if you can start a dialogue with your spirit!


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