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What Do You Need?

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Take the time to stop, pause and reflect on that question. This is quite possibly one of the most powerful questions you can ask someone. It is also one of the most important spiritual questions that someone could ask of you.

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How to do Self-Healing

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Hello fellow self healers! I'm going to share six key points with you on the process of how you go about healing yourself. Let's cut to the chase. 

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How to Step Up When the World Crashes Around You

If humanity was a company structure, our culture would be deathly toxic. A violent and unsafe place to work from. Employees dobbing each other in. Creating cliques and divides...

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The Repeating Patterns

Why do we keep manifesting the same issues in our life? Whether it's relationships, job issues, money issues, emotional problems, we can keep seeing the same repeating patterns over and over again. Why? Repeating patterns -it's something that we've seen over and over again throughout our different sessions and retreats.

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Being Certain of Yourself in a Time of Uncertainty

2020 has washed a wave of uncertainty over humankind.  Although starting with a bang, 2020 soon revealed itself to be a glitch in the system.

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