How to Embody Divine Feminine and Masculine

The divine feminine is what we call the yin. The creative, the flowing, the connected part of us that's non-rational. It's all about feeling and nighttime and moon and energy and receiving. Yang, is a divine masculine, is more about the action, the doing, the getting out there, giving out energy, ticking off that to-do list, getting things done.

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The Chiron Return

What’s all the fuss about your Chiron Return? Are you aged between 48- 50? A few years off or just past this crazy era in your life? Strap in and get ready to hear about Chiron Return. Chiron is a planet in the sky, just like Earth, Venus, Mercury and more.

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The 8 Biggest Relationship Lessons

Breakups are hard yet they teach us where we are wounded the most. Debbie shares 8 big lessons that have emerged again and again after years of coaching clients through messy breakups.

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How to Deal with Your Own Shadows

Debbie Pask shares 5 key tips on how to deal with shadows and move into a more confident relationship with self. Shadows are the parts of ourselves we don't like or reject and they are our greatest teachers.

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Self-Love: Career and Mental Health (PART II)

In my last blog, we addressed the idea of self-love and what that really means in a very practical way, rather than just throwing those words around recklessly. In this blog, we're going to discuss how you find self-love in your career and your working life...

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