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The Chiron Return

What’s all the fuss about your Chiron Return? Are you aged between 48- 50? A few years off or just past this crazy era in your life? Strap in and get ready to hear about Chiron Return. Chiron is a planet in the sky, just like Earth, Venus, Mercury and more.

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5 Steps To Selecting A Spirituality Course

Do the internet and spirituality really mix that well? No, they don’t. Spirituality is like taking a deep breath of the divine self and connecting to that non-rational side of you. 

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Letting Go of a Bad Relationship

Have you been feeling like a whole bunch of stuff is coming up to deal with towards the close of the year? Relationship blockages, physical issues, career stagnation and more?

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How to let go of Conflict

Which one are you? Sympathetic, Empathetic or Compassionate? You really need to understand the difference if you want to release the stress and burden of an argument, altercation or judgment you are making on someone or something in your life.

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