energy medicine

The Medicine Wheel and Your Journey to Healing

The medicine wheel, also known as the shamanic medicine wheel, Native American medicine wheel or Indigenous medicine wheel, is an indigenous Native American tool used in shamanic Healing Practices. For thousands of years, the sacred medicine wheel has been used to facilitate such spiritual shamanic Journeys and shamanic meditation.

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The 3 Pillars of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing, otherwise known as energy medicine healing, energy healing, or quantum healing, refers to the alternative healing technique in which one works with an individual to deal with specific challenges and overcome trauma.

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How to do Self-Healing

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Hello fellow self healers! I'm going to share six key points with you on the process of how you go about healing yourself. Let's cut to the chase. 

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White Space: 3 Rules to Master Spiritual Awakening

Master your Spiritual Awakening. Many of us have heard the term ‘white space’ which refers to an individual or business having room to pause, course correct, or even think creatively without the pressure of acting or delivering right at that moment.

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Thrive in Winter

So winter is upon us, and it is a beautiful time to rug up, enjoy your winter woollies and some nice soups and slow cooker meals! Energetically it can be a beautiful time to reflect, to hibernate a little, and focus on your internal world whilst indoors a bit more.

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Your Inner Temple

Where and what represents your inner temple? The place where you get clear on your dreams and where you can cut through the muck of everyday life to get deep intuitive clarity on your life?

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