White Space: 3 Rules to Master Spiritual Awakening


Many of us have heard the term ‘white space’ which refers to an individual or business having room to pause, course correct or even think creatively without the pressure of acting or delivering right at that moment.


White space is revered by creative people in that they get the headspace to think outside the box. To explore without the crunch of finances, urgent timelines and conflicting parties.  

Let’s explore now how MISSION CRITICAL it is to have this white SPACE when you are going through a personal evolution or facing a big life challenge that creates your own spiritual awakening.

RULE #1 - You cannot complete your evolution or move past your life challenge with your sanity intact if you cannot stop, pause and reflect. You need to unplug and disconnect long enough to have room to be uncomfortable, to not always know the answer, and to be in shadow. That means to be in the dark and breathe and be okay with being not okay.

This is also known as giving yourself the basic time and respect to honour where you are in your transit. During this world pandemic, we have all been forced to look at our individual shadow (that part we reject or dislike about ourselves) and bake uncomfortably with that. And we have all had our tests. Here are some common ones;

  • Realising the person you are living with/in relationship with is not a good match
  • Seeing that our food, drug, or alcohol addictions really haven’t gone away
  • Fear of not having enough money; survival fears are still on board
  • Realising that you haven’t really saved enough for a rainy day and your finances are like a house of cards
  • Knowing that you have been secretly giving your power away to others, external parties and governments
  • Understanding that you really haven’t been speaking your values or saying NO often enough
  • Realising your friends and family are probably not your future tribe and that their worldview completely opposes yours
  • Realising you have been distracting yourself with work to avoid being at home
  • Realising you are a workaholic and that it’s taken over your identity
  • That your confidence comes from the way you dress, your beauty appointments and the colour of your hair
  • Realising that you cannot sit still long enough to be your own best friend
  • Seeing that you have deep seated anxiety and that its just below the surface of everyday life (it was just easy to ignore it when life was busy).

Your individual shadow cannot be solved by racing or rushing through life. It will require you to slow, feel the tension and move through it (not around it). Wisdom emerges if you sit still long enough. In this case, the early bird DOES NOT get the worm. The bird that shows up and just watches long enough will get the worm.

RULE #2 - Don’t try to rush the answers or actions needed when sitting in white space.

So, you get the white space and time. Amazing. But then your mind/ego wants to decide, act and move. However, your mind needs to realise that it is not in control when it comes to your big life lessons. It doesn’t have the answers you seek. If it did, you wouldn’t be in this mess, right? So, your big spiritual awakening needs plenty of ‘white space’ to come up with ZERO answers and to sit long enough with ZERO answers that it tunes out, stops running and gives up. Then the wise or higher mind can step in. This Spirit brain can step in and allow intuition to flow. This irrational information will be what saves your butt. This irrational information is connected to your bigger mission and your true heart desire.

I speak from experience as recently I have been feeling the need to stop working so hard. To have a break and not perform or achieve. Anyone that knows me, understands that 99.9% of the time I have a serious fire in my belly and endless energy to do, act, and be. Not this month. I have been trying to reignite my working passions using all of the old ways I know. Nothing worked. Zero traction. Nada. I needed white space to find my flow again.

So, I started working less. And less. Aiming for nothing. No goals. No serious direction. Slacking off. Not caring about revenue. And therefore, that delicious white space started creeping in. At first, it felt clumsy. I felt a bit lazy. Confused. Maybe even a little annoyed/angry.

Then the clarity started to rise. White space held me.

My Spirit started to speak even more clearly to me. I realised that my dreams of building an empire were shifting. With the dawning of Aquarius energy, I realised that my passion to create a business (an entrepreneurial-based empire) was fading and dying. Sure, I still love the industry I am in. Yet, the drive to achieve was gone. Sure, I still wanted to earn income, yet the illusion of growth and rising up as a thought leader and superstar had evaporated. I wanted a more simple life.

I am still in this awakening and I know that taking time out and giving myself the white space to switch off the ambition and the drive is now giving me a bigger picture view into my next 5 years or more. It feels more freeing already. I am realising new wisdom that I never had before. My understanding of the energy of money has transformed (is transforming). It suddenly feels a whole lot less hard. I am not sticky with thoughts anymore. That is the beauty of white space.

It unsticks what is sticky. And damn … being stuck feels awful. Whether it is work, love, or health.

RULE #3 - When answers come to you, let them incubate. This might sound obvious yet the mind is waiting on the other side of white space ready to pounce!

Common lines the mind will present once it knows it can pounce…
Does she have something yet? Wow, what can we do? When’s the next train outta here. Taxi! What is the next step to success? Let’s get this show on the road. 

Your job is to hold the line. Your spiritual awakening is birthing so let it run its full course. Don’t prematurely trip it up with the rushing of the ego.

Incubation is your friend. Let the cake cook and rise. Let those ideas flow in your white space and see which ones survive and thrive and which ones disintegrate. Don’t rush. Don’t push. Let the sweetness of your vision and wisdom move from the invisible to the physical. From a wave to particle. When you feel that loud thud, also known as a wise idea drop and land solidly in your heart, then you can switch on that computer chip called the brain and execute the orders.

When will you know it’s ready? Look out for these signs;

  • You start feeling bored
  • Your tightness in the body has lifted
  • Your emotions are soothed and neutral
  • Clarity is at 100% or close enough
  • Everything feels easy and calm
  • People and opportunities start landing on your doorstep

Have you had enough ‘white space’ moments in the last 18 months? If not, take the time out to work on your own shadow in the area you need it. Mine was work but yours could be love, health, or more. Remember the key is not knowing, surrendering, feeling confused, and fully accepting where you are in life, not where you think you should be.     

White space requires no judgment, no guilt, and no rush.

Try it on and watch the magic unfold. Your spiritual awakening is worth it.
Debbie x

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