Body Health

Energy Update: How It Affects Money And The Body

Do you have a cloudy path ahead in relation to money or health? With the recent moon in Taurus, many of us had a lot of issues come up with both our finances, money matters, and body...

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When Healing Does Not Work?

You probably already know that there are many doorways to Healing: Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Counselling, Coaching, Acupuncture, Art Therapy, Chiro, Physio, Indigenous Healing and the list goes on… But when all of these healing styles cannot quite nail your problem and you feel completely and utterly stuck, lost, and hopeless - what is the answer?

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Stress Resilience: Get Your Mojo Back!

We have so many busy distractions in our life and we are so consumed to "have" and to "do" that we really do forget that our precious Spirit and Body are dragging along behind the ego begging to have a moment's break. So why do we do it?

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Body Talk: Are You Reading The Signs Your Body Is Giving You?

Our body is communicating with us every day, giving us messages about what is happening on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Many of us ignore these messages and push through life trying to numb them down or block them out? I fall into this trap too sometimes, the secret is to learn the art of body talk.

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