Are you suffering from NDD?


NDD means 'Nature Deficit Disorder' and it refers to our lack of connection to nature which creates an attention disorder in relation to our inner present and physical self. Science has now proven that nature is one of the only things that energize us when we focus on it as opposed to focussing on other things like work, people or projects/ hobbies that actually use our energy.

If you are working in a busy job, have an active personal lifestyle and find yourself in a home, office, restaurant, bar, café or gym much of the time, then you will be lacking that connection to the earth and the natural environment around you. Add WIFI and technology to that equation and you are getting the full energy zap occurring. You may experience anything from mild NDD to full-blown NDD burnout which feels like fatigue, irritation, stress, feeling lost, overwhelmed or disconnected from other people. That’s not to say this lifestyle you are living is wrong or bad. It is more about your awareness of how you can offset the effects of a modern lifestyle (and the above feelings) and utilize the natural world to re-energize and rejuvenate.

Nature gives us so many riches. Mountains and oceans give off negative ions which balance our health when we become burdened with positive ions (electrical devices, mobile phones, computers, electricity towers, and cars). The oxygen levels of the country (or vast expanses of nature) are much higher than in a populated city. We literally breathe easier. Nature has kinetic energy that can enhance our intentions and revive our physical senses. We feel more connected to the mystery and magic of life when we see amazing views and feel like a small part of the bigger earth around us. Also, it has been proven that views of ocean or nature horizon landscapes actually release endorphins in our brain and hence enhances our mood.

So, the question to you would be: When? Where? and How can you get access to nature?

To a vast expanse of green space where you can come back to your senses, yourself, and your mindful presence? And when you are there, how can you appreciate it? - Soak it up and put some funds into your nature bank account so you don’t suffer from NDD. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you any money.

Nature is the one thing that is simply and purely FREE, and it’s the thing that literally keeps us alive. 

If you feel you need a good healthy dose of getting back to nature, perhaps try our nature retreats running this year:

Healing Holidays Nature Retreats 
These nature retreats are 4 days of pure nature, mindfulness, personal development, and healing. You won’t find anything else quite like it.
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Your True Nature Retreat
Byron Bay | Sydney | Sunny Coast

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Journey to Oneness: One Day Nature Retreat

A mix of structured activity, free-form conversations, healing journeys, meditations, and timeout in nature to connect in and deepen your intuition, relaxation, and self-awareness, and healing skills.
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