Journey to Oneness Spiritual Retreat


“Our retreats are both practical and imaginative – giving you structure and earthy-ness to apply ancient knowledge, to reconnect with the inner you and to restore, rejuvenate and heal."

-Debbie and James Pask,
Your Retreat hosts

Reconnect to self and the natural world at our One-Day SYDNEY Nature Retreats

- Put aside time for just YOU and join us for a generous day of spiritual development within 1 hour drive from Sydney. 

- Looking for a chance to immerse yourself into nature and hone your natural intuitive skills?

- Want to develop your spiritual self with experienced guides and teachers at your side?

- Need a reset and some time away from the mobile phone, your busy working life and noise pollution?

Spend a day in nature with us and find your way home to YOU.

The past Journey to Oneness Retreats events

JTO - June 2018
Nature Retreat

JTO - August 2018
The Power of Heart

JTO - December 2018
End of the Year Release

June 2019
Reconnection Half-Day Retreat

This retreat will support you to:

- Reconnect to your spirit; that creative and wise ‘all knowing’ voice within.
- Discover your place in the natural world and the healing power of nature

- Understand the importance of staying connected and how to reconnect if you lose it

- Know the science that is now proving what indigenous cultures knew all along – that a healthy respect and relationship to nature is the key to health and well-being.

journey to oneness meditation

The one day retreat will be a mix of structured activity, free form conversations, healing journeys, meditations and time out in nature to connect in and deepen your intuition, relaxation and self-awareness or healing skills.

What you will get from the retreat:

1. Connect and immerse yourself in nature and earth through guided meditations, earthing practices and time around the fire.

2. Hone and practice your intuitive skills and your ability to journey with nature – having direct experience and touch.

3. Find answers deep within yourself as you fall into stillness with active reflection, exercises and mind journeys.

4. Learn to calm the clutter in your head and let go of stress, over-thinking and busy-ness.

5. Share an amazing experience with like-minded people; healthy food and stargazing.

journey to oneness

Our experiential activities include:

Sound Healing
Lay down and be immersed in the healing tones of the didgeridoo, crystal sound bowl, chimes and more...

Fire Gathering (weather permitting)
Connect with a like-minded tribe around the fire as the sun sets to purify your thoughts and receive a guided healing journey at the same time.

Intuitive Lessons 
Listen to Debbie and James as they share their knowledge of years of study on how to build awareness, intuitive intelligence and your own inner voice.

Meditation “Reconnection” Journey
Tune into every plant, tree and animal on the space around you and feel what it’s like to be part of this natural world.

Inter-species Communication Practice
​​​​​​​Learn how to do basic communication with trees, plants and animals through embodying stillness, respect and gratitude + a few key tips that we learned on our recent trip to Africa with the amazing Anna Breytenbach.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Earthing Practice
​​​​​​​Lay your bare feet and hands into the earth to reset your electro-magnetic energy fields for better health and wellness.

​​​​​​​Journey to Oneness
​​​​​​​A meditation experience with James Pask to find your deepest self within nature.

​​​​​​​Medicine Wheel Shamanic Journeying
Solve a problem or get deep inspired answers with Debbie Pask as she takes you through a guided medicine wheel.

Things to bring on the retreat:

to sit out in nature and around the fire.

WARM CLOTHES so that you can get cozy in the late afternoon or early evening hours.

UMBRELLA OR RAINCOAT just in case it rains (of course that will mean you need the emotional cleanse!)

WATER BOTTLE AND FOOD FOR THE DAY LUNCH to share with friends or like-minded people! We have some basic kitchen facilities, water refills and bathrooms; plus there will be places to leave your stuff.

JOURNAL AND PEN to record your inspirations

YOGA MAT only if you prefer not to be laying directly on grass / earth with our full body Sound healing. 

  • Rezinate

    “Another AMAZING one day retreat with Debbie & James! Thank you for the opportunity to remove the walls around my heart and experience a healing day of quiet, clarity and grounding. I'm patiently awaiting journey to oneness #3! xx”

  • Rezinate

    “​​​​​​​"The one day retreats are such a fantastic way to take some time to really nurture myself. Debbie and James facilitate a beautiful day of healing in a beautiful place with great people. Sound healing, fires, great information and plenty of time and space to just drop in and be. "”


  • Rezinate

    “" What a wonderful experience. We covered so much in one day but at a perfect pace. Debbie and James are both so knowledgeable and wonderful, it was an absolute treat. I came away a lot wiser, grounded and feeling so positive. Looking forward to the next one." ”

  • Rezinate

    “Perfect timing for me! What a wonderful 4 days. The retreat program is well thought out and the facilitators are brilliant. I loved every minute - including the ample free time to wander the amazing retreat property and empty out. Food was wonderful too! Looking forward to the next one.”

    Sydney, March 2019