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Are you ready to create massive shifts in your life?

Are you ready to cultivate your inner landscape to transform the external world and step into the life you are meant to live?

Do you want to hit the pause button, for only a few days, remove distraction, and loosen the grip on your daily responsibilities?

We invite you to join us on a powerful spiritual healing journey where we explore the soul and understand the spirit, where we connect with nature and focus on some of the deepest, truest forms of healing available.

Embark on a 4-day spiritual healing experience to connect to your spirit, understand your deepest purpose and design your true story

In this immersive, intensive, and intimate retreat, you will be guided through a journey of spiritual and self transformation. A true inner healing.

During the 4 days at the healing retreat, you will experience spiritual and mindful healing to rebuild your resilience, rejuvenate your body and senses, and create a better relationship with the ‘inner you’.

You won’t just be reconnecting with your inner self, you will also reconnect with nature, enjoying a sense of oneness while cultivating a deeper sense of direction with like-minded individuals. 

This is not your usual holiday to escape the pressures of life. This spiritual healing retreat is a balm for your soul. Come to be healed or take a break from the concrete jungle and commune with nature in peace and quiet.

"What a weekend.
I’ve had massive shifts since..."

-Chris V. (2021)

- The Program -

day 1- Immersion and Reflection Day

Begin your spiritual healing journey by releasing the stagnant energy that you have been carrying around with you. Using mindfulness and other techniques, you will discover what has brought you on this journey and what your soul’s purpose is in this life. Begin to unwind and slough off the heaviness of the outside world as you start this sacred journey within.

Day 2 - Shadow Releasing Day

Explore what is blocking you and understand who and what you are in this world. Discover how you create your own reality and how the universal laws play a part in your journey. Release the pieces that no longer serve you so you can move forward in your healing process.

Day 3 - Grounding & Nature Immersion Day 

Reconnect with your deepest self and step into the new energy you are ready to embody. Develop a oneness with nature to form a deeper relationship with your spirit and the spirit of every being and entity around you.

Day 4 - Integration and Post Retreat Application Day

Design your new reality and create your new intention. Learn self-healing and energy clearing techniques. Develop a 90-Day Well-being Plan so you will return home with a strategy to fully integrate all you have learned and uncovered.

The full inclusive retreat package at our Byron Bay spiritual getaway is AUD$2790



Complete healthy and 'soulful' meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the retreat package.
Are you a vegan, a vegetarian, prefer gluten-free/dairy free meals or even have a prescribed dietary meal because of allergies?
We will cater to your preferred dietary allergies or requirements. Just let us know!


Spiritual teachings, guided journeys, sound healing, experiential trips off-site, crystal healing grid, individual healing conversations and more! 


Four nights in your own private queen-sized room with bathroom. Includes access to the venue’s amenities.

soulful meals

All food is included in the healing retreat price: Three main meals and nourishing snacks. We can cater for different dietary requirements. You're also welcome to BYO.

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Each retreat ticket booked includeS:

  • 4 nights accommodation in your own private queen-sized room with bathroom

  • All food – includes 3 main meals and nourishing snacks.

  • All program activities with Debbie & James – teaching, guided journeys, sound healing, experiences, trips off property, crystal healing grid, individual conversations and more.

  • Collection to and from the local Ballina airport.

Enquire here about about discounted rates for 2+ people on their healing journeys. Payment Plans for the 4-day spiritual holiday are available at checkout or by request.


"What a beautiful peaceful location, fantastic food, and two amazing down to earth healers that truly help you release "old baggage" & awaken to your own personal inner strength!... Thank you!

- Izas, Byron Bay

Retreat haven: Byron Bay, NSW

We decided to host our Healing Holidays Spiritual Retreats in Byron Bay, to combine one-of-a-kind travel and a spiritually enlightening experience to make the experience even more memorable.

A dreamy and magical coastal town sitting in the south-eastern Australian state of New South Wales, Byron Bay is a popular travel destination and a haven for those who choose an alternative lifestyle, natural therapies, mindfulness meditation, and different types of spiritual and energy healing.

Depending on availability, our healing holiday retreats are held at either: Tin Horse Ranch in Byron Hinterland or The Earth House by Jayne at Nashua.

How to get to Byron Bay? 

With plenty of flights into three different airports, quick and reliable shuttle services, a choice of car rentals and an incredible coastline to drive along, getting to Byron Bay is easy whether you’re coming from nearby or as far away as the other side of the world.

Spiritual retreat tickets include airport transfers from Ballina airport or there is plenty of parking on-site at the retreat. (Excerpt from [more here]

By Land​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​Brisbane is 165 km (102miles) or a 1 hour 50 minute drive.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sydney is 765 km (473 miles) or 8 hour and 30 minute drive.

  • Gold Coast is 65 km (40 miles) or a 48 minute drive.

  • Ballina is 35 km (22 miles) or a 34 minute drive.

By Air
  • ​​​​​​​Ballina Byron Gateway Airport offers daily flights to and from Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle​​​​​​​

  • ​​​​​​​The Gold Coast Airport (OOL) located in Coolangatta is a 45 minute drive north of Byron Bay. ​​​​​​​

  • The Brisbane Airport (BNE) is a 1 hr 50 minute drive from Byron Bay.

Tin Horse Ranch

Byron Hinterland




Quick tour around Tin Horse Ranch, in Byron Hinterland

The Earth House by Jayne

Nashua, New South Wales





Meet your eco-retreat hosts: James and Debbie Pask

With a combined 40 years’ experience in the spiritual healing and coaching field, Debbie and James have a passion for taking people through transformative energetic journeys. They have been running the 4-day healing retreats since 2016, and have a unique program that is partly holiday (deep rejuvenation) and partly a spiritual journey (deep self-reflection) to move past challenges.

Expect to leave our nature retreat with a strong internal shift and a new perspective on life.

Debbie is a Transformation Coach and Spiritual Teacher who will help you get clear on your life or career direction and facilitate the medicine wheel journey work and deep meditations. She also heads up the shadow work and will teach you how to wrangle that monkey mind and find your intuitive voice! She will assist you to develop your 90-day wellness plan before you leave the retreat.

James is a Metaphysical Healer and Teacher who works with you on a deep level to transform any trauma you have stored in mind and body. He also facilitates the animal totem session and the nature restoration and communication sessions. He will also show you how to set up a new contract with yourself to re-design your dream-weave (your inner story) for a happier and connected life.

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “So much gratitude to @rezinatelight for such a wonderful insightful transformative and restorative experience. Two of the most compassionate passionate and knowledgeable healers I know @debbiepask and James Pask. 💙🙏🏼🦋 and to share it with such a beautiful bunch of people. So blessed. Check out their Byron hinterland 4-day and one day Sydney retreats.”

    Sydney 2019

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Every single aspect of the retreat was amazing - even the 'difficult' bits.
    It sounds weird that we were meditating for 4-5hrs a day - but every moment was a pleasure.
    The location, food, people, activities... everything was perfect.
    …I can't recommend the retreat enough. Despite whatever hesitation/excuse, you might come up with (I had heaps) you should make this happen.
    You'll be glad you did.”


  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Rezinate created a wonderfully safe and supportive environment for me to develop the tools necessary to further understand myself and find my purpose, James and Debbie worked together perfectly and explain guide and unlock a greater understanding of myself both spiritually and practically.

    I am already looking at how I can ensure I don't loose touch with what I experienced and how I can make time to keep practicing ways to stay grounded…
    I have committed myself to a 90-day action plan and will be staying accountable with some of the beautiful friends I have connected with who are doing the same.”

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The nature Retreat package is inclusive of all accommodation, food & activities. 
Ticket price is AUD$ 2790 AND INCLUDES:

  • 4 nights accommodation in your own private queen-sized room with bathroom 
  • All food – includes 3 main meals and nourishing snacks
  • All program activities with Debbie & James – teaching, guided journeys, sound healing, experiences,  trips off property, crystal healing grid, individual conversations and more
  • Collection to and from the local Ballina airport.

Discounts for 2+ people on their spiritual healing journey are available. Enquire here Payment Plans also available at checkout or by request.

Frequent Asked Questions answered by your Retreat Hosts

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How advanced is the retreat?

Why come to the Retreat?

How much time do I get alone?

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Perfect timing for me! What a wonderful 4 days. The retreat program is well thought out and the facilitators are brilliant. I loved every minute - including the ample free time to wander the amazing retreat property and empty out. Food was wonderful too! Looking forward to the next one."”

    NSW 2019

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “My meditation & vision pulled me to the South, of faith, trust, humility, innocence and child within=the element of Water, gifts, lessons, understanding, intuition, consciousness-wisdom energy... Evolvement, Integration. What are my lessons and gifts? Such a powerful experience at this incredible retreat... Thank you Rezinate Light & your devine selves Debbie & James Pask”

    Brisbane 2019