The Chiron Return

What’s all the fuss about your Chiron Return? Are you aged between 48- 50? A few years off or just past this crazy era in your life? Strap in and get ready to hear about Chiron Return. Chiron is a planet in the sky, just like Earth, Venus, Mercury and more.

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Develop a Meditation Practice For Deeper Connection

MEDITATION! That word is very popular and we are all told we need to master it. So, how can you develop a meditation practice no matter whether you are just starting out as a beginner or already at an advanced level?

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Learn How to Release and Embrace the Power of Your Spirit

Learning to release what no longer serves you and embracing the power of your Spirit and its connection to all that is. Learning not to be attached to things, people or outcomes and to radiate love and compassion and move away from fear.

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