The Chiron Return


What’s all the fuss about your Chiron Return? Are you aged between 48- 50? A few years off or just past this crazy era in your life? Strap in and get ready to hear about Chiron Returns.

Chiron is a planet in the sky, just like earth, Venus, Mercury and more. Chiron takes 48-50 years to make a full cycle around earth, unlike the Sun which occurs once every year (happy solar return/ birthday).

The Chiron return happens when you're between the ages, roughly, of 48 to 50. It can start right at the beginning of that cycle, or closer to the 50-year-old mark. And Chiron, the planet, basically indicates where your greatest wound is in this lifetime to resolve. This wound is something you are born with and it’s part of your evolution in this life. Interestingly, in astrology, there are 12 houses and there are 12 signs. So, wherever Chiron lives, in which house (e.g. 2nd house) and in what sign (eg libra), will give you the flavour of what Chiron will deliver to you. Many of my clients have had really tricky Chiron return activity. For example, it can indicate a really difficult time in career, in marriage, in life. And, basically, the reason you get this big challenge, is to evolve. It's not just because the universe is being nasty. You get this challenge to really ask yourself whether you've truly overcome your greatest life wound or challenge that you were born with and that you're dealing with.

So, for example, if Chiron was in your 4th house, that would be a challenge around the home and growing up and who you are. Your personal identity and deep innermost self. And that might mean that you have to really overcome what is holding you back in terms of your own identity, your power and purpose. Your childhood was probably quite challenging. Whereas if Chiron was in your 7th house of relationships, it might indicate that you need to overcome your wound of what happens when you get into either intimate or friend relationships. Perhaps you sabotage them, or perhaps you choose people that hurt you too much, and your wound is to overcome abusive relationships so you can pick healthier connected relationships. Or it could be in your 10th house of public self and career, where you need to overcome the wound around stepping into your career power.

At 48-50, it feels like the scab from the wound is really picked off. It’s raw and you have to FACE your wound head on. And ACT. If you have been nursing this Chiron wound and not dealing with the root cause, the universe gives you a tap on the shoulder.

And not always, but in many cases of Chiron return, I see people getting really unwell. They get a sudden-onset illness or physical problem and this is not to scare you, but they get some sort of health issue because the body will hold the score, as we know. The body will show you where your wounding is. And a lot of people can really get sick whether it be sudden-onset arthritis, or it could be a whole bunch of issues that play up, even cancer. Or it could be an old problem that you've had for a while, but it really flares. It doesn't always work that way, but I do find that if people ignore their Chiron, they often wind up in a precarious situation where something really crazy happens to their body. It could be financial. It could be body-wise. It could be anything that feels big.

Chiron needs to be taken seriously, in that if you can do some prework before that 48 - 50 year mark, or if you're in that 48 to 50 cycle, then it's really important that you address the core root cause of why you're going through what you are. Because it is a very energetic, existential thing that you're being asked to resolve. If you're past that age, you can probably remember back to that 48 to 50-year-old time frame, and maybe you can pinpoint what issues or challenges were occurring at that time. If you went through that time and you sailed through in the best shape of your life, congratulations. You've nailed your Chiron.

Food for thought, there is the option of looking ahead at Chiron. Looking at, astrologically, where it sits and doing some prework to really prepare you for that time. If you are under 48 years of ages, get started people! Book in a session if you need to. Or if you're going through your Chiron returns, you're definitely going to need some support and help. Let's figure out where it is in your chart, what sign it's in, and how you can really tackle the challenge properly that you're in rather than guessing how to fix it. And, just in case you are wondering. There is NO escaping Chiron. He will find you and he will kick your ass if you don’t do your inner work.


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