Energy Update: How It Affects Money And The Body


Do you have a cloudy path ahead in relation to money or health? With the recent moon in Taurus, many of us had a lot of issues come up with both our finances, money matters, and body. In fact, for some of us, those two topics are very closely related. Are you needing to spend a lot of money on a health issue? Or perhaps your financial stress is creating stress in your body? So what is really happening at the moment on a worldwide energetic level? Here are my personal thoughts on the matter and some ideas about what it all means and what we can do about it. It seems that many of us are going through some challenges relating to the material and physical plane. Old financial stuff (habits, debt, entanglements) are surfacing to be dealt with and tidied up. For myself, old company tax stuff hit me hard in the last month. Friends and clients are reporting that they lost bids on property at the very last minute, that relationship breakups and divorce settlements have become hectic and that business deals have been held up or money tied up for random reasons. Or, maybe your challenge is the body? Your immune system giving you a knock around or perhaps adrenal fatigue really setting in? Although the winter period brings cold and flu to the table, many of us are getting hit harder than usual -me included! and I take really good care of my health. I had some beautiful clients who were over in Everest when the earthquake hit and only just made it out alive. A trauma on many levels, but mostly around survival and safety (again the body...)

What does it all mean?

The energy around the world is always shifting in growing in consciousness. We often get to a tipping point where we (and Mother Earth) must change at some point. This can be a very worldly physical thing like natural disasters and it becomes very personal - affecting your own backyard, your temple your body and your money (ultimately survival right?). So when the world energy shifts to the next level, for those of us who have some stuff to tidy up (and it is usually very obvious for those of us open and prepared to evolve), we need to look at that stuff and be prepared to make a change. And the world is shifting. It has been asking us to take some mental and emotional steps recently - getting more mindful, being more aware and acting with authenticity. Now I think we are getting a few lessons around anchoring this new state on a physical and earthly level. Do we truly connect the emotions/mind with the body? Are we physically in tune with ourselves? Maybe it means we need to take more responsibility with money? Maybe we need to speak up and not accept compromising financial situations? From banks or people in our life. Maybe we need to put to bed all financial debts; clean up our super funds that are scattered everywhere or arrange that insurance we forgot about? Or perhaps, we need to COMMAND more value and more money in our job. What are you worth? On the other end of the scale, is it worth getting paid 200K if you are exhausted every day? On a body level, clean up your diet. Get moving. Leave a violent home situation. Reduce your additions just a bit. We drink to drown our problems and emotions. We smoke to suppress them. We do drugs to escape them and we eat to stuff them down. I do remember several occasions where I downed a few choccie muffins when feeling blue! What are you masking with diet and lifestyle? I am not suggesting a strict regime. In fact, maybe you need to loosen up a bit. Stop the diet and let go. If you have a flu, rest and slow down. We don't know how to do this very well anymore.

What should you do next to shift with world energy?

Be conscious of your physical life and self. What needs cleaning up? Take an inventory. Look at what would take your stress away long term (even if its short-term pain). What would you like to commit to for yourself that would nourish you, honour you and create a healthier and happier version of you? Start small. One thing at a time until you work through your list. I promise you are worth it! I am committed to drinking more water, taking deeper breaths, moving my butt more and cleaning up old tax company stuff :-) What about you?


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