Do You Have A Clear Wellbeing Life Plan?


That’s a big question and it probably feels a little overwhelming to think about, especially if you are juggling many tasks and roles: work, family, children, social, fitness, and more. It doesn’t have to be. It just takes a little thought, a little reflection, and a commitment to yourself to think about how balanced you truly are in life.



There are 4 Key Parts of you to keep in balance. Let’s take a look:

  • Mental - your goals, dreams, plans, and mindset
  • Emotional - your joy, fun, connection, and love
  • Physical - your fitness, diet, and vitality
  • Spiritual - your mindfulness, intuition, beliefs, and connection to higher state/ self.


Which quadrant (mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual) do I give attention to? What is it that I do to stay balanced in that area? Celebrate that! Which quadrant am I neglecting the most? What impact does that have on my life and well-being? Where is it stopping me from meeting my goals?

For example: If we fail to feed our emotional or spiritual quadrants, then our goals of peace, mindfulness, or less stress will be difficult to meet. If we fail to give attention to our physical quadrant, then it is unlikely that any weight loss goals, personal vitality goals, self-care, or recovering from an illness will be met effectively. Many people struggle to feed the emotional and spiritual as these areas feel like ‘nice to have for the logical brains. Trust me, they are not a ‘nice to have. They are intrinsic to life itself.


If I think about that neglected quadrant or quadrant. What habits could I start that might feed and nourish that missing bit within? What actions (one is off or ongoing) could I take that would start to balance out those neglected bits and help me find the inner peace I need? Schedule those actions and habits into your diary and pay attention by committing to doing them until they become autopilot. Over time, it's useful to look at your life and see how these positive actions have the change that you want. We can't always be superstars at all 4, but we can be efficient in choosing actions that suit two quadrants at once.

For example, I go horse-riding every week, which feeds my emotional joy, physical exercise, and spiritual connectedness quadrant, as getting my soul fed by the horse and nature. Now that’s powerful! Exercising with a friend can help you to feed the physical quadrant, as well as emotional joy if you love that person and have a good laugh with them.

Remember that we sometimes might prioritize one quadrant over the other depending on our life challenges. For example, we usually need to step back from the mental quadrant when we have a personal crisis and access the emotional and spiritual to replenish. So, what could you do TODAY or NEXT WEEK that might pick up that neglected quadrant and give it the attention and love it deserves so you can have a happy, fulfilled and balanced life?  

The key is to give it some thought as you (your mind, body, and spirit) are the most valuable asset you have in this lifetime.

If you want more ideas on how to remedy a quadrant, then email Debbie at or come along to the next personal development retreat where we go through your own wellness life plan and get clear and powered up about how you can live a better life. It doesn’t matter whether you attend a personal development retreat, whether you get a Coaching Session to work it out, or if you just take your own initiative.


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