Body Talk: Reading the Signs Your Body is Giving You


Our body is communicating with us every day, giving us messages about what is happening on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Many of us ignore these messages and push through life trying to numb them down or block them out? I fall into this trap too sometimes, the secret is to learn the art of body talk.

Here's how...

Our body parts, organs, systems, and senses all relate to different life areas. When a particular body part or system plays up, we can actually learn what that relates to and start to emotionally diagnose hot spots of stuck energy. It's not important that you are an expert in the body energy link, but more importantly that you pay attention and start to reflect on your life if there is something that is out of balance in the physical.

For example, asking these simple questions...

If your body is feeling PAIN - whereabouts in your life are "paining" you? What person, job, or thing is starting to push your pain button? You have probably left something unattended for too long and now it is a pain in the butt!

If your body is feeling aches - what area in your life are you ignoring that is niggling away? What needs a resolution?

If your body is itching - what or WHO is getting under your skin? Something is angering you deep down.

Can you see the link here?

Going a step even further if the issue is somewhere in your arms it is more likely to be emotional, and your legs are the mental layer. All body parts and organs mean different things.

Regardless of what is going on, the idea is to witness this pain, acknowledge it and ask for solutions and answers to course correct. This tells your body your respect and love it - and have a desire to work with it to heal. It is easy to get frustrated and give up, but if you imagine your body is a 5-year-old child, would you really ignore it if this child were pulling your leg telling you they were sick? You would not demand that child still go to work and push through pain or illness. Similarly, our body wants the same respect - it would like you to step up on its behalf and sort out any issues. You are the only voice for your body.

The other side of this equation is to know when it's a mental/emotional victim issue that pretends it has a body issue? For example, that 5-year-old child wakes up and tells you that they don't want to go to school today and puts the "poor me" act on. You intuitively know this is a fake sicky - and you need to harden up a bit and get your child off to school. The same goes for the body! Your mind might try to tell you it's too tiring to get to the gym or out of bed for work. Is this your mind talking or your body? Perhaps you just need to get on with life and push through. Tell your body what you need?

The skill is knowing when or when NOT to pay attention to those messages and start to become the expert career for your most important asset in life; your HEALTH. Make the start today.

Right now, pay attention to what part of your body is tight, tense, nervous, aching, painful, sore, uneven, or just plain out of balance. Start talking to your body and asking it what it needs. It will start to answer you if you are patient. Considering you may not have spoken in several years if at all, be patient and kind when talking. If it does not respond, have the patience to wait for an answer. That answer could save your life one day!


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