How to Let Go of Conflict


Are you sympathetic, empathetic or compassionate? You really need to understand the difference if you want to release the stress and burden of an argument, altercation or judgement you are making on someone or something in your life.

The Dalai Lama talks about compassion a lot, but what does it really mean? When you are holding on to a past issue or hurt, you are judging the situation and hence this keeps you energetically ATTACHED to it. 

The only way to cut the chords of stress, anger, fear or sadness is to omit ANY judgement about the person or thing that created this upset in the first place and find a state of compassion. It’s not about forgiveness or feeling sorry for that other person or yourself.

It’s more about understanding the lessons and gifts you are learning so that you evolve on a soul level and move on to the next exciting phase in your life. 


  1. Sympathy is just feeling sorry for someone or something. It means that you have made a judgement between right and wrong. It means that you share the emotion and take the crap onboard yourself. That allows a connection between you and the problem or you and the person. Not ideal at all.

  2. Empathy is one step better but it still means that you are attached to something or someone. “I feel your pain alongside you” and hence you still take it on as your stuff. Some people are naturally more empathetic than others and find themself consistently feeling heavy and burdened due to sucking up emotions from a situation or person. This is still not ideal as it does not allow a release.

  3. Compassion is the desired state. When you are compassionate you are not judging right or wrong and you are simply holding someone (yourself or another) in a state of love and care. This is a wonderful state because you become the observer and remove your energy from a state of pain and into peace. Once you master compassion for others, then you master it for yourself. i.e there is no more self-judgement.

Coming back to “Letting Go”. If you are holding on to a strong emotion about a recent or long term issue/person, there will be an energetic hole or drain that will eventually become a physical pain in your body if not resolved. Remember that life is one BIG classroom whereby you are here to learn lessons and evolve.

Write down your unresolved issue or burden and think through what lessons and gifts you are getting from this.

Observe yourself and find a place where you see the light in it and release judgement. Once you understand the GIFT, you do release it. If you are angry at someone in particular, just remember that you don’t have the 360-degree viewpoint of their life, childhood experiences and emotions.

You are but seeing one small part of their soul and to make a judgement on them would be to put yourself into the shoes of God or Universal energy. You don’t have 360 views. Accept them as they are and release any judgement (i.e. attachment).

Only then do you free yourself completely... It feels amazing!


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