Letting Go of a Bad Relationship


Have you been feeling like a whole bunch of stuff is coming up to deal with towards the close of the year? Relationship blockages, physical issues, career stagnation and more? Having worked with thousands of clients over several years, one thing I see every year around around Christmas time, is a build-up of old (and bad) energetic attachments that need to be let go. We all experience it to different levels and if you have done a lot of personal development work to clear out old patterns, relationships, or belief systems not working for you, then you will be having an easier go of it.

It starts creeping up a bit in October, but November and December seem to be the pressure months to make any changes. Think of it like a personal spring clean so you can start the New Year bright and fresh. The theme appears to be around the BASE chakra energy point which relates to your tribe (relationships/support), career/money, and body. What is not working will probably manifest physically so be mindful of anybody's aches and think about what emotional blockage that relates to.

2 key things to change and how to change them
I would suggest you look at TWO key things in your life;

  1. Your top VALUES (what is intrinsically fundamental to how you live) - think about what are the key things (showstoppers) you need to live a happy life. For example, living near the ocean, connecting to nature, active social life, health regime, working in a career that has meaning, freedom, unconditional love, peace, feeling connected and loved, a certain level of income, soul-mate relationship, family or travel, etc.

  2. Your GOALS - what are your top 2 super-exciting goals that you would like to head towards? What are you heading toward personally or professionally that would make your heart sing?

List your top 5 values & your top 2 goals

After completing your list, answer these questions:

  1. What beliefs or perceptions do you currently have that hold you back from living this kind of life every day?
  2. Who in your life might be restricting your ability to meet your goals or values?
  3. What sorts of things (or habits) are you doing that prevents you from the goal or value you seek?
  4. Where do you need more support to help you achieve your goals and values?
  5. What really do you need to release from your life to free you up to bring these dreams in next year?

Think about these questions and make the necessary plans to LET GO of anything holding you back.

4 Ways on How to Let Go

  1. REFLECT The more we are aware of it, the more we can resolve it (sometimes the body just wants acknowledgment) or at least monitor the thought until it frees up
  2. CEREMONY Our western brains don’t have many ways of letting go and bypassing the brain to do it. Try an indigenous ceremony by lighting a fire and burn up any old emotions or thoughts that need a nice little funeral and goodbye ritual
  3. HABIT Take one unhealthy habit out of your life and replace it with ONE healthy habit as the first step in your commitment to yourself.
  4. PEOPLE If you are dealing with letting a relationship go (friend, lover, family member, colleague or so forth), check out my new online program Letting go of negative relationships that will super-charge your letting go results with a 4 step energetic process to cut chords.

Make next year count and start your letting go process whilst the energy is geared up for release!


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