Technology Versus Our Intuitive Spirit

Technology vs Intuitive Mind

We all love TECH, right? I know I value my iPhone to do videos on the move and surf the net when I need something at my fingertips. Brilliant stuff, yet so DEADLY to our energy at the same time. I know we're all living in a world of amazing technological advancements and that we can do more with global connections than ever before with our phones, computers, and iPads. Yet as evolving humans in the age of IT, we are not giving the repercussions or the full respect they deserve.

So, I wanted to take the time and respect to seriously consider the cons to our luxurious world of technology. What has a back also has a front and with the latest developments on new technology emerging and the controversial 5G rollouts, I wanted to see the BACK view for a change. Because let's face it, life isn't always roses and chocolates. Forget social distancing - we are nature distancing!


It is clear that we are heavily relying on these SYNTHETIC devices and frequencies that aren't natural to our Spirit. Nature doesn't flow or resonate with the frequencies that technology does. The simple fact remains that the more we use our tech, the more we become separated from our natural and incredible personal qualities such as our intuition or our intuitive senses (clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience). Instead of feeling if something seems right, we just Google it. Instead of relaxing with nature, we watch Netflix. We distance ourselves and our natural connections to nature, our knowingness, and wisdom on a daily basis. Scary shit. The more we seek answers in technology, the less we seek answers in ourselves or our spirit.

We're having a very interesting time right now in the world, aren't we? Killer virus', racial riots, economic collapse, mega bush fires, and more. And underneath this world unrest, comes the rollout of probably one of the deadliest technology advancements known to the EMF world for our planet... 5G. With 5G we are exposed to one quintillion times more EMF than we were 100 years ago! Seriously, that is insane to me.

Who approved this without adequate testing?

Did you know that the planet MARS once upon a time had trees and water kinda like planet EARTH? Then something (what was it?) screwed with the EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) of the planet's atmosphere which then meant that the planet got scorched by the solar winds of the sun. Ouch! 

Do you really think we should play with this hugely dangerous level of EMF just to get quicker bandwidth? How can everyone win?

I am interested in the balance between making solid and safe technology advancements with intelligent decisions on what is going to advance us with our own natural human rhythmic qualities or gifts.

How can we balance nature with technology so everyone wins? How can we remain connected to our intuitive self and still have our modern day tech advantages?

A lot of us are just getting caught up in the whirlwind of technology where we're given more, can have faster experiences, and where we're going into artificial intelligence.

Why? To shortcut manual labour through technology, to shortcut human thinking through technology and trying to make us more productive and efficient.
But what is the cost of our personal human-centric qualities and gifts?

I think that technology is great, that's one end of the spectrum. But so is the human spirit. In fact, it is the greatest tool we will ever have. So are our inner gifts as a human. You know, those innate qualities of instinct, love, vibration, and consciousness. We have several INTUITIVE SENSES available to us right now that are brilliant.

How can we utilise the benefits of technology to shortcut some processes and make life a bit easier YET also really tap into and tune into our own unique frequencies as a human? Can't we have safe TECH alongside the respect and utilisation of the Spirit?

We all need to consider this and make some decisions around how far do we want to go down the path of intense synthetic frequencies like 5G, like EMF, like mobile towers, like Bluetooth phones and devices, VERSUS really accessing the natural world frequencies like electromagnetic energy from mountains and oceans and kinetic energy from nature and electromagnetic energy from the earth.

The electromagnetic energy from our own hearts is intelligent and has wisdom. We need to tap that more. So I think that we're all in a place to look at these two different polarities and somehow meet in the middle where we're intelligently using the best of both worlds.

Did you know that we have over 10 basic Psychic Senses available to use that give us our X Factor?

Where we're currently going is blindly following the automation and technology route which will eventually lead us to the point where our phones, which have become hand-sized, will become watch sized and then they'll become a chip in our arm, then they'll become a chip in our brain. We could easily fall and follow down that path if we don't stop and assess where we are with our technology versus human spirit balance.

So the question to you would be to think about, where you want to stop and start with those frequencies? What's important to you and what is going to be crossing the boundaries?
Think about that a long way out before these laws come into action (like 5G already has) because we are getting railroaded right now with the frequencies of technology and before we know it, we are going to be half-robot, half-human. And then we are going to start saying, "Wow, that's not what we wanted."

Where to from here?

  1. Start thinking about and developing your own natural frequency gifts and connect with the earth to get those gifts before you lose them 
  2. Take an honest look at where we are heading with technology and where do you draw the line? 
  3. Have a curious peek into the safety standards of wifi and radiation... guess what? They either don't exist or they test on dummies like 'sam"
  4. Ensure you remain balanced in terms of natural EMF (earth, trees, sun, ocean, human heart) versus synthetic (phones, wifi, laptops, Bluetooth and TVs)
  5. Get yourself educated on what are healthy levels of EMF for your own health, your kids, and the animals/nature that live here with us.

Love to hear your thoughts… 
Debbie Pask,
Concerned Nature Activist (but tech lover at the same time!)

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