Saying “No” is good for the Soul

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Are you tapping into the power of “No”?

It is a beautiful thing to say YES to a new adventure in your life, however many of us don’t understand the freedom that comes from saying “no” when presented with an option. Saying “no, not for me” when you know intuitively you don’t want to commit, empowers your Spirit to a new level and creates clarity and harmony.

There are easy things to say NO to like whether you want to eat Indian food tonight for dinner or if you want to go and exercise.

But what about the more difficult things in life?

How about saying NO to a job promotion that you know is going to place more stress on you? That is hard as we are trained to accept climbing the corporate ladder and when it is offered on a plate, it is hard to decline. Especially when money is involved.

How about saying NO to working in a negative space or saying NO to a friend that drains your energy and makes you feel tired and negative?

Then there is saying NO to a relationship that does not honour you and treat you like the goddess/ god that you are!

It is wonderful to get equally clear on what you accept versus what you decline.

Having this level of confidence and clarity will help develop your inner sense of self and power. The more you say NO when you mean it, the more the Universe will deliver better and bigger opportunities.

The Universe hates a vacuum (energetic space) so it will keep offering dreams until the one you love floats by in the river of life and you pluck it out – the same way you pluck the right luggage off an airport carousel. 

What people, jobs, things, behaviour, event or emotion do you need to say NO to in your current life? 


Hot tip. It will be something that impacts you negatively and that you feel drained by. Feel the amazing transformation once you find your voice to say NO.

This week I am saying NO to sugar in my diet because it gives me headaches!

Intuitive Relationships Boundaries

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  • Not letting old dysfunctional relationships eat away at your headspace and many more.


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