Are you attracting the right people into your life?

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How’s that for a question? It is one of those big life questions that sits in our deep self and probably doesn’t get a lot of logical thought on a day-to-day basis. But it should…

We all operate at a certain type of frequency. Think of it like a radio station, and we are all on different frequencies and different signals. Hip hop. Rock. Classical. And so forth. And the people that we end up attracting into our life or into our immediate community are people that tend to operate on a similar radio frequency or a similar signal that we're all putting out there. That is why we find them. There is a glitch however.

But what about those lovely, generous and kind people that attract miserable narcissistic people into their life? Eek.

Well, that is a radio frequency or glitch gone wrong. Somewhere in the radio signal you are omitting, there is a glitch or a ghost in the machine. Also called ‘unresolved fractures’ or shadows that bring this type of person into your field so you can heal that glitch or at least be aware of it. These big hard life lessons of attracting that ugly person can feel awful but they are shaping you in some way so that you are evolving. That is a whole blog into itself. Healing through adversity. Back to attracting the wrong people…

So if you're attracting the wrong people into your life, you need to have a look at the signal or the radio station that you're tuning into. How your energy is? What's happening with your energy? Where are you insecure? What sort of unsaid language is going out there? Are you secretly not feeling good enough? What you're saying (in silence) is actually attracting a certain type of person into your life. If you're attracting the right people, clearly then you're putting out a signal that you want and that you feel aligned with.

It comes down to your energy and sensing energy. It comes down to sensing your energy in the quantum world of energy that surrounds you, and it comes down to the type of emotional output that you're feeling and projecting every day.

The reason that intuition is so important in this whole scheme of things is, if we're intuitive, then we are in command of our signals. It's not as complicated as you think. What that really means is that you're tuned into that subtle energy frequency all around you and you are using your non-physical senses to wade through your life. You have physical senses, eyesight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, all those sorts of things, but then you have the non-physical senses. These are seeing (vision) clairvoyantly or hearing things that aren't there or sensing what you cannot see. Those psychic senses or original senses, also known as intuitive senses, are important to be switched on because when they're switched on, you can sense and be in the field, and you can connect to the field (the energy field around you), and you can make choiceful decisions around what you want and don't want. If you're oblivious to it and you have no idea, then your radio frequency could be omitting any type of signal that you're sending or you might be unaware and you might be accidentally wielding the wrong frequency. If you're angry, for example, and you are aware of how you're impacting the field, your anger might return you angry people. Especially when that anger stays around for days, weeks, or longer, you start to develop an energy of anger and that then potentially connects you to angry people or angry situations.

If you are intuitive and you're using your intuitive senses, then you're aware of what's going on around you and you can make changes to the frequency that you send out. You can tune in to a different frequency or a better frequency. Up your vibration. You can become more intentional. And then what happens is if you're looking to tune into a love frequency or an abundance frequency, when you have your intuitive senses switched on, you know when you're not in those senses or that frequency. So having the ability to sense through your intuition where you're needing course correction (or what's not working) is the goal. You can discern what is right or what's the right opportunity or the right person to connect into, that's when you're flying in the way that you want to. So absolutely when you want to attract the right people into your life, you have to have these intuitive senses working otherwise there is no way for you to benchmark to notice or to make choices about changing something. And you end up attracting exactly what you do not want. 

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Your intuition is your X factor so it’s time to tune in and get started.


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