2-Day Training Workshop


August 27th & 28th 2022
Training Ticket: AUD$695
Where: Byron Bay, NSW Australia



The Medicine Wheel is a powerful indigenous tool that can be used for insights, healing, change, and meditation.

With hundreds of years of powerful intention behind it, the ritual of building and stepping into the healing medicine wheel supercharges any work you are doing with it.

It is both a physical wheel and a metaphysical one. The physical wheel is a 3D representation of the spirit world and what happens in the medicine wheel is meant to create change in the physical dimensions.


"After studying and using the medicine wheel in spiritual retreats, healing sessions and meditation journeys, I am now teaching this incredible tool to others so they can utilise the magic and transformative powers in their work, their retreats, their group journeys, business world challenges, personal life and more. Having a background experience of the metaphysical and personal transformation world is a plus but no specific qualifications are required for you to attend this teachers facilitation.

This program is however designed for ethical and conscious professionals wanting to use the wheel in their practice to unlock change and healing, whether 1 on 1 or groups."

-Debbie Pask
(Training Facilitator)

Medicine Wheel ZCM

Debbie Pask has run numerous  shamanic medicine wheel training workshops and has helped many wellness practitioners enhance their practice and ability to help their clients in their healing journeys.

The Shamanic Medicine Wheel Workshop is for:

Teachers in the personal development space or wellness space looking for an incredible tool to add to their offering.

People running meditation groups or facilitating spiritual or mindful events.

Individuals seeking a much deeper meditation journey to use for personal answers and evolution.

Retreat owners wanting to host deep experiential journeys for client or group work.

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What the training workshop covers

🜂 Theory of the Medicine Wheel and how to utilise it effectively.


🜂 How to appropriately set up and the physical and metaphysical components of the wheel to journey effectively (and dismantle after use).


🜂 Samples of 3 types of powerful Journeys (experienced as live group journeys together) throughout the weekend.

🜂 Detailed descriptions of the 4 directions (East, North, South and West) plus The Centre or void space.

🜂 Ideas and suggested meditations to deliver when facilitating a journey.

🜂 Your role as a facilitator and what is expected of you.

🜂 Spiritual & Psychological layers of the 4 directions: how to flexibly use different concepts with the medicine wheel to get the right outcome.


🜂 Props, devices and other shamanic tools to aid the experience.


🜂 Interpreting the Medicine Wheel insights.

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Shamanic Medicine Wheel Facilitator 2-Day Training

Ticket: AUD$695
AUGUST 27TH & 28TH 2022
*Byron Bay NSW

Contact Debbie today if you want to chat personally about this powerful 2-day facilitator training. 
Email debbie@rezinate.com.au or call 0419 251 655

*Our Byron Bay weekend workshop will run each day between 9-5 pm at a designated location. Course fees do not include your accommodation or lunch, so please make your own arrangements to suit your budget and travel. Snacks, water and coffee/tea will be provided :-) 


Frequently Asked Questions about Shamanic Medicine Wheel

 The medicine wheel originated from an indigenous concept of a circle where there were four directions (north, east, south, and west) and a centre direction that holds the world together. It was created as part of a form of ritual or ceremony or practice.

The medicine wheel is an interesting way of looking at life in the world.

Indigenous people called it the “Great Blue” or “Blue Road”, which is the spirit road. The medicine wheel is a metaphysical, spiritual, or intuitive version of the physical. This means that whatever you do in the metaphysical version is meant to have an impact on the physical too. You're working directly with the spirit, the knowing field, and with your own energy to make an impact, and change within, to also manifest physical results.

 The medicine wheel is used for healing by walking into the wheel and using the wheel to get guidance, solve issues, meditate, get insights, and to understand the cycle and flow of life, so there are many different ways a medicine wheel can be used. When you work with a medicine wheel you are working with a powerful energy and the force that comes from within you. The medicine wheel is a very powerful tradition. It has thousands of years of ancestry and energy that's come into the wheel. So when you begin working with it you're not starting from nothing, but millenia of energy and intention

In a very small nutshell, when doing a medicine wheel meditation, it is common practice to turn one’s body and focus on each of the four directions. In turn, recalling the symbolism associated with each direction as well as visualising aspects particular to that direction. People often do this meditation with a specific problem in mind and bring that problem to each direction to apply the wisdom of each quadrant to that specific problem.

Testimonials from Clients

  • Debbie is a gifted spiritual healer. She has immense passion and insight when delivering workshops and healings. She is warm, giving and loving and has an amazing gift for making the world a better place.

    Jackie Nugara

    Counsellor and Psychotherapist

  • My meditation & vision pulled me to the South of the medicine wheel, of faith, trust, humility, innocence and child within; the element of Water, gifts, lessons, understanding, intuition, consciousness-wisdom energy... Evolvement & Integration we my lessons and gifts? Such a powerful experience at this incredible retreat... Thank you Rezinate & Debbie Pask


    QLD, 2019

  • Thanks again Debbie for the weekend, I learnt so much and am so excited to try out my new skills also feel inspired to take my spiritual journey to the next level - thank you for your guidance and support along this journey.

    Debbie Gilligan

    Participant, 2021

  • Beautiful space and incredible healing abilities. Such a great experience. Thank you!

    Cassi Polgar


Debbie Pask-Rezinate-course-facilitator

Debbie Pask

Transformation Coach and Deep Energy Healing

With a background in Advertising at board level, a degree in Philosophy and 16 years training in Energy healing work, Debbie Pask is an example of how the rational and intuitive can come together to create a stronger approach to business.

Debbie’s core passion is to help people discover & unlock their own ‘life purpose’ and then go about planning and designing their utopian business around it.

Find out more about Debbie