Do You Have A Life Problem-Solving Tool?


We all face life problems to solve at one time or another. Some are biggies and some are less intense, but we all need tools and strategies to move through them. Many of our big challenges need a ‘death and rebirth’ of sorts. Boy, that sounds intense! What do I mean by that? If you think about the world of technology and software, it is clear that often, a new version of the software gets released. Windows 6, 7, 8 and so forth. What the software engineers realize is that the technology becomes outdated and the bugs need to be ironed out.

Well, the same applies to us humans. Our brains can get stuck and our feelings get buggy. We start to trip up and overload. Sometimes we have a major crash and sometimes we just need a few new plugins. Regardless, we don’t often have a good process or ceremony for this in our western world. We just keep speeding along faster than light thinking we can outrun our challenges or they might get bored of picking on us and bugger off.

I can assure you that does not happen. The human brain and body is a huge mechanism and things like to hide. In fact, sometimes they hide and spring up later as cancerous lumps. That’s nasty stuff! Toxic feelings and thoughts gathering together at an addiction meeting and turning into a tumor. Pretty much all indigenous tribes had a way of releasing these shadows (issues and tumors or old versions) through a ceremony. These rituals were mainly based on song and dance, but they also had problem-solving tools like the Medicine Wheel. I use this tool regularly in my work and own life, as it is centuries old and has a lot of energetic power through ongoing use. The Medicine Wheel is an incredible tool to assist you in finding answers and resolving problems intuitively and powerfully in big leaps. You receive intuitive life answers as you meditate facing the direction of North (fire), East (air), West (earth), and South (water), as each direction matches a specific area of your life issues. Many people who have done a Medicine Wheel Ceremony with me, talk about how answers and solutions seem to drop out of nowhere into their head and heart to fix a difficult issue. The wheel is also great for releasing old baggage and old versions of yourself, so it has a wonderful result with clearing the old and making way for the new insights.

Who wouldn’t want an experience like that?

At our spiritual retreats, we journey into the Medicine wheel as a group and you are given a series of questions and exercises to complete. No matter how logical or skeptical you might be, one finds an amazing gift in this ceremony and the transformation is quite profound. You obviously don’t always need to come for a spiritual retreat like our Healing Holidays to get this experience, but it certainly creates a peaceful and uninterrupted space for you to let go and reinvent the new version of your software body. Whether you are only at version 2.1 or coming into version 17.6 of yourself, getting yourself to our spiritual retreat and doing the medicine wheel is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. 


Email Debbie Pask (  to find out where and when the next Medicine Wheel journey might be running or sign yourself up for our next spiritual retreat where we do the mother of all medicine wheel journeys! (Read more about the Healing Holidays Retreat)



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