What Is The Repeating Story In Your Head?


The intention is everything. This rings true in the physical and material world but even more so in the metaphysical world. Science is now proving that what we think (and feel) shapes and defines our reality. So, what are you thinking about will always deliver that very story to you.

The old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’ does indeed have a basis of truth!

Many of us allow these scripts or stories (often outdated) to play out in our subconscious minds and don’t take the time to check in on them. We don’t garden the weeds out or prune them back. We don’t plant new flowers in our garden and we forgot which flowers make us truly happy.

When I ask clients what are their greatest and more important values, 9 out of 10 cannot immediately answer. If that is the case, then what springs up in our garden is not thoughtful or intended. Maybe they are weeds? We have forgotten to live a values-based life where we have powerful and passionate clarity about what we want and how to act to get it.

I love doing values exercise with people as it creates so many ‘aha’ moments with people. I ask people what their top values are and hence what can’t they live without. The responses can be a concept or way of being such as freedom or honesty, or it can be something much more tangible like the ocean or listening to music. There is no right or wrong, and the underlying theme is that these top values must be so important to you they make life worth living. They help you to literally ‘breathe’.

In a limitless world with so much distraction, we need those sets of VALUES to ground us and to help create our desired story, not the one accidentally playing out. If we have no anchor, then we become a ship sailing at night never reaching a port. Defining your values is like owning the deep part of yourself and then using this as your rock to keep you on course with your blueprint.

Find out what your values are and make decisions and take actions that bring you closer to that state or thing. Watch your happiness rise, your anxiety fall and your life change from a nightmare to a dream.

This is one of the activities I do with people in their early coaching sessions (whether business or personal) and we also do it at our mindfulness retreat. We are all about bringing your energy back into alignment and focusing on what really matters to you. Although you can set your values anywhere and anytime, our Healing Holidays mindfulness retreat delivers you a chance to hone in on what you love whilst in the heart of nature and mother earth; nothing is more incredible than listening to her breath and heartbeat to get you into the flow and figure out what is really meaningful to you. So, are you living a heart-led life?



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