5 Steps To Selecting A Spirituality Course


Do the internet and spirituality really mix that well? No, they don’t. Spirituality is like taking a deep breath of the divine self and connecting to that non rational side of you. The internet is a crazy and cluttered abyss of rational information that is pretty much the opposite of spirituality. Yet, as we become more connected to the global stratosphere and awaken our conscious self through means other than church/religion, we need to find new ways of connection and mindfulness. The internet is one of the few platforms that give us access to a greater level of knowledge alongside providing a safe and easy place to self-development. You could learn and work in your pajamas if you like!

So if we decide to leap closer to our spiritual selves through the beast we call the internet, what should we be looking for in an online spirituality course?

1. It’s all about the outcomes.

What outcomes or benefits does a course offer? Think about what you are specifically seeking to achieve. Is it confidence? Connection? Happiness? Better relationships? Knowledge of a specific topic? How to make better decisions? To be more authentic to yourself? How to solve a problem? See if that spirituality course offers this for you.

2. Critical logistics questions to ask.

How much time do you have to dedicate to this spirituality course? How deep does it need to be? Are you looking for a few light meditations or a whole new way of thinking? Do you already have a religious framework that you need this material to be aligned with? Is online the right medium for you? e.g. Do you like watching videos listen to audio files, reading on a screen, and so forth?

3. Intuition is always right.

When you energetically connect to the right course for you, there will be an exciting feeling or a rush of energy that draws you to studying that spirituality course. If you don’t feel connected to it intuitively, forget it. Your heart needs to decide, not your head. Check our Master Your Intuition E-course

4. Connecting with the teacher.

Who is the person setting/teaching the material? Do you resonate with him or her? A great connection to the person who established the course is important. This person needs to be someone you feel is qualified or at the right level for you to study with. Someone too inexperienced, overly advanced for your level, or ungrounded in their teaching style might be the wrong fit for your online spiritual study.

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5. Content.

Be sure you are clear on what content is delivered within the spirituality course. Can you access the list of contents or concepts that you will be shown along the way? What sorts of activities will you be doing and how much value can you receive for your commitment to the study.

For more ideas on your spiritual course selection, please get in touch. We have online spirituality courses available for those souls seeking a DIY approach to consciousness:

The Living Spirit Program 

If you want to access a deeper and more universal or nature-based approach to spirituality, this program places you and your Spirit at the center of your practice. James offers dynamic content for easy learning in the form of videos, audio lessons, meditations, activities, and readings to develop and hone your intuitive and spiritual self.  Click here to check the program


Master Your Intuition Ecourse Program

Learn how to switch on your Spiritual Super Powers in this self-paced step-by-step online course. Being “in tune" with your inner wisdom enables synchronicity to show up in your life. Read more about Intuitive Mastery


Energy Medicine Practitioners' Training

Become a skilled and powerful healer using world-class techniques and teachings. Do you want to awaken your healing abilities and provide world class energy healing sessions to your clients from ANYWHERE in the world? Read more about Energy Medicine

Medicine Room Course

The “Conscious Self” Program 

This is designed to super-charge your spiritual journey and create a more conscious and mindful life experience. These 12 modules take you through a series of videos, meditations, and exercises to practice new (non-religious) ways of thinking and wisdom, to access your inner rock and realize just how connected you really can beClick here to check out the program

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