Rejuvenate Your Inner Being by Getting Rid of Spirits

by: James Pask

Life is one large energy grid and everything that is alive has a spirit in it otherwise, it would be dead. This energy grid holds positive and negative energy; which means it holds positive and negative spirits. The negative energies, bad vibes, and some spirits may be detrimental to your happiness, success, and general inner wellbeing. Sometimes, through our actions and behavior, we may attract these negative elements of life without noticing them. These negative energies may also preexist in your home that you have moved into or around your area or neighborhood. Whatever the case may be, the next logical and rewarding step is getting rid of spirits and the negative energy from your space. 

Let’s take a brief overview of how a bad spirit or negative energy can affect your life before we talk about performing a cleansing ritual: A bad spirit in your home or workplace can directly or indirectly affect your life. These bad forces are mainly concentrated in your home or work environment because that’s where you spend most of your time. Your life is generally lived in your home and at work. The best way to live a happy life is to make sure that you are comfortable with your home and work environments without these negative energies influencing you.

Getting rid of spirits: What are the signs?

I have at some points in my life, experienced nightmares or thought that I saw shadows move right in front of me. It could have been my mind playing tricks on me. However, if it happens frequently, then it becomes a cause for concern.

What are the tell-tale signs that warrant a spirit removal ritual?

  • A strange feeling in your home or office.
  • The movement of things in your space without anyone touching or moving them. This, according to many people, is a clear sign that there is an unseen force in their house.
  • Unexplainable dreams are usually out of the ordinary.
  • Home pets (dogs/cats) react to things that cannot be seen.
  • The people in your home talk to unseen beings.
  • Shadows appear from nowhere and sometimes, they briefly take a physical form.
  • Electronic devices turn on and off without being touched by anyone.
  • Knocks on the door when nobody is there.
  • Feeling drained in your home life or working life for no particular reason (negative energies and past thoughts from previous occupants weighing you down).
  • A 'toward death’ feeling or traumatic emotion from these unseen forces that are stuck or trapped in time in your house.
  • Feeling eerie or bad vibe in your home.

As a result of these energies, you can become extremely impacted by their presence as like attracts like and you will seemingly ‘take on this negative trauma. If the negative energy is a spirit with trauma at its death, you can start to mimic the issues yourself such as illness, accidents, and more. It is kind of like a record playing with a song, and that song is giving you a theme or scenario to dance to. This ‘death song’ is very unhealthy for you.

Cleansing ritual

The people around you can also contribute to the negative energy that you find in your home or office, so with so much potential impact on your energy and life, it is critical that you get rid of spirits or energy in the household that is detrimental to your health! Imagine not cleaning your house for several years. The dust and dirt would be horrific. If you don’t energetically clean your home, the metaphysical filth that builds up can be so toxic. A proper cleansing ritual needs to be done by an expert. Getting rid of spirits can be done in several ways, however many can be ineffective in that since they don’t get to the root of the cause and/or might only work temporarily.


To see a full suite of the different ways to cleanse a house, we have listed them on our Space Clearing website. I have been taught how to cleanse a space using ancient wisdom combined with 'Quantum Scientific Theory' and over time, have pieced together the most holistic process I know to perform a metaphysical clearing so that all negative energies (getting rid of spirits, demons, negative energies, black masses and more) are cleared and the ROOT CAUSE of the issue is cleaned permanently. If we relate this to spilling a mess on the carpet, you can just spray a nice scent or cover it up with a rug to inhibit the issue OR you can scrub the mess completely out so that it never happened in the first place. My clearing technique offers the SCRUB out approach so it's 100% managed and cleared for good.

How does my process of getting rid of spirits work?

It is important to use one of the most effective techniques for spirit removal. It involves going back to the original time when the spirit or negative energy got trapped in that time. What follows is a special and unique process that erases what happened back then. In essence, the incident never happened. The trauma of the trapped spirit is cleared and the spirit is moved and cleared completely from your home and area, so it can move on and complete its journey through time. So, this does two amazing things – you get to cleanse your home negative energy and you gift this spirit with the freedom to move on.

Benefits of getting rid of spirits:

  • Getting rid of spirits (if they are causing the issues for you) can assist you with improving.
  • Depression
  • Feeling of negativity or being watched.
  • Mood swings or feeling heavy.
  • Loss of concentration.
  • Having a detached relationship with friends and family.
  • Lack of sleep and much more.

James Pask

Do you have questions about Space Clearing sessions with James Pask? 

Clear your space by getting rid of spirits with Space Clearing Session. If you feel there are negative energies hindering you from finding happiness and success, it may be time to turn to a specialist in getting rid of spirits. Get in touch with me, James Pask, and discover the happier you waiting to live the best life.

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