Cleanse negative energy or spirits from your home or office

Are you experiencing a negative energy disturbance in your home or work space?

​​​​​Is this creating issues in your life or that of your family?

Do you feel like there are ghosts, spirits, entities or other non-physical presences in your home giving you creepy vibes, bad nightmares, accidents or physical disturbance?


Most people don’t realise that their home or office environment can be filled with negative energy from stress, arguments, negative energy or work colleagues. This energy might not belong to you, yet it lingers. It can be previous occupants creating this energy disturbance, or sometimes, even trauma that has occurred years before you arrived there. In some cases, there can be a rescue spirit needing to move on and this stagnant energy can create exhaustion and fatigue, pulling on your own energy stores. This could be the underlying cause of issues in your life or at home. In the bigger cases, it can be inter-dimensional energy or black masses of energy dominating the household vibe.

James Pask


"Hi, I am James Pask, and I have cleared hundreds of spaces from a multitude of negative energies that can dramatically affect the harmony in your home or success of your business venture. Whether it be from previous occupants (as build-up of stressful thoughts, arguments or fears of failure) or past businesses operating out of the premises."

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Over the years, people have come to me with the following concerns since moving into a new home or space:

    • I am seeing unusual things out the corner of my eye.
    • I feel there is an eerie presence in my house.
    • Things are moving around without me touching anything.
    • Electronic devices flash on and off – or devices start without me turning them on.
    • I can hear my children or house mates talking to something in their sleep.

  • Bad nightmares and freaky dreams that are worse than usual.
  • Feeling of being touched in my sleep or HELD down (like sleep paralysis).
  • Cats/dogs reacting to things with their senses.
  • There is a spirit or entity in my home haunting it.
  • I see ‘beings’ with red eyes at night time.
  • I have seen shadows and things move in front of me – or even materialise.


Sometimes just giving your house or space a good smudge (with white sage smoke) and commanding some positive mantras can shift a bit of negative residue.

However, when it comes to hauntings, spiritual disturbances, black masses hot-spots and more, you need a serious session.

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James will use a specific process called Holographic Kinetics “Space Clearing” to do a full and powerful cleanse of your space.

What is Space Clearing?

Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

How does it work?

James Pask will utilise a surrogate person to access the home or office space using Holographic Kinetics – a technique that has been shown to dramatically improve the energy vibration and space.


  • 3. James may request some items be added or removed to ensure your personal space is filled with positive light and new energy - such as elements, colours, crystals etc.

  • 4. BONUS After the session, you will receive a FREE​​​​​​​ video training series teaching you how to maintain the positive energy of your home after the initial space clearing has been done. Normally valued at $95, this is included FREE with any space clearing purchased.


In a session, we go back to the original cause where the trauma, negative event/energy, spirit, entity or interference came in or got trapped into that dimension of time. This regression is done using a third party surrogate who will be a representative to connect and tune into your home or space to clear the house, office or the land.

Through a unique HK process, we can clear the cause of the effect back in TIME so it does not occur and the issue/energy therefore does not exist. This enables us to send that energy/spirit, black mass or other disturbance to another dimension of time where it cannot come back or continue to harm anyone. Under universal lore there are laws that are adhered to and understanding these rules and using them to clean up energies is extremely effective. Sometimes when clearings are done by inexperienced people, these disturbances or spirits that get moved on either end up somewhere else or come back to you. That means the rubbish gets sent down the road to someone else and it can also come back later once the initial ceremony is done.

In a Holographic Kinetics Session, it is dealt with permanently and safely using Universal Lore. In addition, James will establish a unique energy field that will contain and nurture positive energy in your space and help to keep negative energy out.

There are many types of Space Clearing Techniques people use that have varying degrees of transformation. There is a reason I use the process that I do and not the ones below. You might of heard of these other styles of space cleansing:


This is when a monk or healer bless a space and put good intentions and positive vibes in an attempt to override the negative interference. However, placing external energy into an already traumatised timeline or existing spiritual entity is like painting over mouldy walls – eventually the mould will re-surface again. It’s not a longer term solution and although it can feel temporarily nice… it will dissipate. You need to clear the mould right? The clearing process will regress back in TIME and change the mouldy story – removing the trauma and events to create a clean space. Blessings then work better and enhance the space.


Whereby a representative (like a priest) performs religious removal of negative spirits, such as blessing in the name of Jesus Christ.

The spiritual entities might depart if they react to the name ‘Jesus’, however, the clearing relies on the conviction of that priest. Do you (the person in the house) have that same conviction after he/she leaves? Also some specific ‘energies’ won’t leave or resolve as per a recent case of James – whereby a client had called in several religious people and energy smudgers – yet to no affect on the spirit haunting the house.


Involves the arrangement of items in the house and placement of certain objects to direct or open up stagnant energy flow. It can bring certain harmony and energises goals and states of mind. However feng shui doesn’t clear out negative energies nor does it deal with ANY interfering disturbances. It is fantastic to do AFTER a session with James to enhance the energy flow.


This relies on a trained healer or shaman to tune in to the energy and possibly using or smoking white sage to cleanse the vibration. It is a great maintenance of energy and if used straight after a negative thought vibration or visitors bringing their baggage it can certainly assist to clean up negative thoughts. Some experienced healers or mediums can also commune directly with spirits and move them on using their own process.

These guys are few and far between and it might not be a ‘controlled zone’ and therefore not always safe for those involved. So in many cases (not all), it can fail in clearing out heavy and deeply rooted interference or trapped spirits in time connected to the land or house. Energy healers can clear a certain amount and put positive energy in place to lighten up a house. This will dramatically lift the mood, but not necessarily deal with that stubborn mould we spoke about earlier. This negative energy might come back or cause problems elsewhere.


Similar to blessings above, the harmonic sound creates a lovely energy in a house and in some cases certain sound vibration can counteract and clear out negative thoughts and vibrations in the home, possibly even some presence of spiritual stuff. Yet it’s not going to CLEAN up the timeline and remove the GUNK that was created in the first place.

Sound Healing is a beautiful addition and can hit the mark depending on what’s going on – yet it won’t necessarily deal with the bigger stuff or any trapped spirits or other disturbances deeply rooted. Again it does not clear the original cause and the issues may come back once the sound dissipates.

James’ process is powerful and unique and fast acting. It cuts straight to the deeper roots and source of the issue and cleans out the interference at ground level. He uses a safe and ‘controlled zone’ by employing universal lore to clear the root cause of the problem and clear any negative energies so they cannot harm you or anyone else. 

  • LSP-700x380-px Living Spirit Program AUD 880.03 (including 10% GST)

    “I called James in to do a space clearing on a home that I had up for sale (listing) that was not selling (which is unusual in the Sydney market where I am located). He did his ‘thing’ and within 2 weeks it sold. Prior to that people would come to the open home and walk in and walk out for months and months. When James explained to me what was going on energetically with the home and the land, it made complete sense why it wasn’t selling. I was blown away when James picked up that someone had been killed there 15 years ago ( which I never told him about as I had only recently been told by the old neighbor at the last open home) and that energy was affecting the sale. Thank you James - if needed I will be calling on you again.”

    Real Estate Agent from Australia

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “I had James do a remote space clearing on my home as it just had not felt right for some time. In fact if I think about it, it hadn’t felt good since we moved here. The family has been disconnected , fighting and my husband and I were at the lowest point ever in our marriage where we even discussed separating. James indicated that there was an energy in the house left by the previous owners that was contributing to our situation (they had moved out because they were getting a divorce)and all their fighting and disharmony had left a ‘break-up’ energy in the house - and it was affecting us. I didn’t really think much of it at first ( not sure how much I believed it to be honest ) but almost instantly after James dis the session, the energy and mood changed in our house. I couldn’t believe it! It was like we were a different family (back to our old selves). Thank you James - we are all so grateful.”


  • James & Debbie Pask

    “James' Surrogate Session was amazing. Day 2 of moving into our new house, we had wierd noises and movements going on. I would close all the doors and lock them every night, then the heater would come on 19degrees and the doors would open. Something like this has never really happened to me and my partner so we organised a surrogate session through James.

    Amazingly, all negativity has stopped. When we found out a spirit was cleared from the house it made sense. What was more interesting was the era in which the spirit had died, as it was associated with the area where the house was built. The person had died on a horse and carriage, normally you would say “ok another same old era ghost story” - but the fact is the town I live in was once used as massive horse stables and was a frequent area for horse racing (James didn't know that). Nonetheless, it was a great benefit to have that spirit move on plus all the negative emotions still in the house from the previous tenants gone was great to know. Now we have a warm and peaceful house we call a home. Thank you James and surrogate for the session.”

    Australia 2017

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “I just had to email you and say a huge thank you , you are a lifesaver. We were so scared there were taps turning off and on by themselves. A chair traveled across the room by its self, lights were flashing on and off and then a light bulb burst. I have always believed in ghost stories and haunted houses but this was full on and it was happening in my home, not just a story. At first we got a lady to come and she smudged the place with white sage but that didn’t do a thing and it kept happening the next night. Then a local priest came and did a clearing and that also didn’t do anything… it all kept happening! Then I contacted you James and you were able to clear this from the other side of Australia. You called and told me that there was a ghost that was very upset doing all of this and that you cleared its trauma and moved it on. That night everything was back to normal and has been ever since. I can’t thank you enough.”

    Australia, 2017

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Hi James, I really wanted to let you know how incredibly different the energy is now in the house so much so that I feel I'm floating & no longer pushing against the heavy negative black energy, it's just awesome. I also feel far more relaxed as everything unfolds so calmly. Cheers!”

    March, 2018