10 Quick Steps to Charge Your Solar Plexus Energy


Your Solar Plexus point governs the middle section of your body - stomach, spleen, liver, etc. This chakra helps to charge the body, fire up your engine and will help with personal transformation. When blocked, the body feels tired, out of balance and heavy which may bring on fatigue, mental stress like depression or you can feel like everything is just bleak. Perhaps your stomach is having trouble digesting your thoughts?

Here are 10 quick tips to renew your Solar Plexus Chakra and get the engine firing on all cylinders.

1. Get out in the sun to recharge. Sun gaze at sunrise and sunset. You soak up Vitamin D the fastest when closing your eyes and staring directly at the sun. Your eyelids absorb the sun faster and more effectively than any other body part.

2. Ground your body into the earth so it powers up. Stand barefoot on the Earth to get a hit of Mother Nature’s electromagnetic pulse.

3. Wear the colour yellow and eat yellow foods (corn, bananas, etc.) as much as possible as yellow charges you up.

4. Start jogging. This high-energy physical exercise gets the heart pumping, lungs opened and blood racing. It is great for overcoming inertia.

5. Try stomach crunches or anything working on the core middle such as Pilates or Yoga. Kickboxing also brings out the inner warrior.

6. Place a crystal-like citrine over your stomach daily for 15 minutes to charge your Solar Plexus.

7. Break repetitive patterns and choose a challenge. Define your identity: Who do I want to be? How do I want to communicate?

8. Sit near an open fire or light a candle. Fire is the element for the Solar Plexus and it both purifies and recharges.

9. Love gives you strength and creates a positive spark. Get out and connect with people you love and who inspire you.

10. Laughter also works. See some comedy and have a good belly laugh.      

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