How Your Beliefs Can Change the Course of Your Destiny

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There is a lot of interest on the world stage right now about “beliefs” and how your simple thinking can change the nature of the world around you. In fact, if you read any of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work such as his book The Biology of Belief you will be amazed at what the latest scientific research says: What metaphysical teachers have been saying for years has finally been proven by science.

That is what you THINK and more importantly, BELIEVE will come into physical reality through the holographic universe (source field of energy around you).

It has now been established that the smallest cells in our body are just really quickly vibrating energy and that we are connected to the larger universe around us. Gregg Braden’s work (another scientist) also proves that our consciousness and energy can change matter around us. Therefore, if we think and feel something strongly it will occur in the physical plane. Now how does that make you feel about goals and dreams?

To achieve a big goal, you need to work on your beliefs around this goal. Of course, there are many factors in achieving change and transformation in your life. In a nutshell, I see them as:

1. Letting go of ancestral baggage i.e. epigenetics (our cells hols on to emotions of our parents and that can hold us back). Try an Aboriginal Dreamtime healing with James to sort that out.

2. Working through your life lessons and integrating them to evolve. I really do see HUGE breakthroughs for people when they understand WHY they are facing a challenge and then it just seems to disappear. I have a real talent for helping with this using the Medicine Wheel- check Deb’s Life Strategy Sessions.

3. Deathing old beliefs and re-birthing new ones. See below for how to bring in new ones!


Knowing all of the theories around manifesting a physical outcome still does not always make it easy. We know that we can use beliefs and thoughts to direct our physical journey, but what if we are blocked in thoughts/beliefs/habits and cannot escape this? We know that we should listen to our Spirit’s intuition and we always get led to the right outcome. But – sometimes our crazy mind over-rules our intuitive creative mind and shuts us down. So many things to do. Meditate. Visualize. Affirmations. Yoga. Channel. sun gaze (yes that’s wonderful for you!). Moonbake. Gratitude and so forth. When do you get time to eat?

Here are simple ways to positively change your destiny and attract your goals by working on beliefs…


Understand that you have a conscious mind (capable of dreams, goals, and ideas of happiness) that controls up to 40 key focus thoughts every day. It understands abstract words like “happy” and is working alongside you to help you gain what you seek. However, as Bruce Lipton states, there is also a subconscious mind that can deviate from the goal at hand. Your subconscious mind thinks in terms of literal pictures (what do I see, hear and touch), and is the “auto-pilot” of your life. It runs your bodily functions and can process roughly 40 billion bits of data each day. So as to not make you bat crazy, it filters out things it deems unimportant and just presents you with the big issues/opportunities.

Thanks, subconscious brain – you are a wonderful lieutenant!

Imagine if I had to visualize breathing every day. If your conscious mind wants to obtain a goal – it can be extremely hard if your subconscious is not on board with the plans. In fact, it might have counter plans e.g. my goal is to lose weight and get slim and sexy but my subconscious mind thinks that it is hard work to lose weight and says back at you “you have tried this before… do we really need to do it again? Failure is likely. This limiting belief will create all kinds of subconscious behaviour that will prevent you from really losing weight. Annoying huh? Even worse, the subconscious mind might have NO reference to what being slim looks like. You need to be able to show it pictures and vision about what it feels like.


1. Modern-day science tells us our brain is plastic, a new field called neuroplasty.

It can change and morph with new patterns and new grooves if we give it the right repetition and experiences. We can literally wear in new neural pathways. This is where a repeated activity, affirmation, or visualization is very handy.

What images or repeating thoughts are you feeding your brain? You are what you think so improve the “thinking” and belief systems, then you can improve your life so…

STEP 1 Write down a positive belief that you want to bring in such as “Abundance and money come easily to me” or “It is easy and effortless to lose weight”.

STEP 2 Try the 22/11 Exercise using this affirmation/statement.

For 11 days you write the statement on a piece of paper 22 times (repetition works!) and then allow your mind to answer the statement.

See what comments naturally come up. E.g. “money and abundance come easily to me”… sure it does “money and abundance come easily to me”… then why are you in debt? “money and abundance come easily to me”… name a time that it has You can see here that the brain is responding to this statement and the idea is to keep going until there is no response to the statement or better yet – ok!

STEP 3 Create a vision board of the goal you seek.

Collect pictures of what you want to happen (I have used maps in the past showing where I want to travel and sure enough – been to all those places now!). Remember the subconscious brain works in images and literal ones – so make it obvious and place the vision board somewhere you can see it daily.

STEP 4 Meditate on having this in your life.

Your brain often cannot tell the difference between thinking and be doing something if you clearly visualize. Visualize for a few minutes every day or 10 minutes every second day that you have this goal in your life already and really tap into the HEART and its emotional joy around it. Science has now proven that when the hearts feel JOY in something, it affects your cells which in turn affects the energy of the source field around you. Hence, bringing that very thing into existence!

Give it a go and let me know how you go with it.


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