How to do Self-Healing

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Hello fellow self healers!

I'm going to share eight key points with you on the process of how you go about healing yourself.

⚘ Step one is intention: It's always important to have a clear intention for what you want to get out of the session with yourself.

So whether that's healing an issue, whether it’s getting insight, or whether it's just spending time to care for yourself, whatever your core intention is, start with that.

Intention is everything, and we don't really understand the power of what that does in our world. 

A lot of shamanic tribes understand this. A lot of people in the West don't really get the idea of making a very clear and powerful intention.

⚘ Step number two is to make the time - to carve the time out for yourself.

You can't just suddenly grab 15 minutes in a busy workday or 30 minutes between crunched meetings or life plans. You really do have to spend some time with yourself, so there's a beginning, there's a middle, and there's an ending.

You have to gear up and come back. So my thought would be that you would need to allow at least 90 minutes to 2 hours to really sit with yourself and get yourself in the right space.

⚘ Step three is, once you've made the time, and you've committed to that, you find somewhere quiet, away from people.

You don't want to sit in anyone else's energy field. You want to sit with yourself so that nothing is interfering.

Nature is the best way to do this, in my mind. Just getting out there in the quietness and the forest or even a park or by the ocean somewhere, which is a natural setting. The idea of step three is just to settle yourself, to quieten yourself, and to reach an alpha state.

So for those of you that understand beta, alpha, delta, theta, it's more about just getting in from a beta, busy brain, logical brain state, down into an alpha state, which is curious and creative and calm.

If you're not sure how to do that, you can download lots of meditations that might get you into an alpha state. But it's a longer, slower brainwave, where you are cut off from your to-do lists and your commitments to the world, and you just come to a sense of quietness and peacefulness.

A good way of doing it might be just staring at the ocean for a period of time or sitting next to a tree and feeling the tree or sitting on the earth and feeling yourself anchored.

⚘ Step number four is go inwards.

Once you're in the alpha state, you can then start to travel inward.

A really good practice, in my mind, would be something like interoception, which is going in the body, inside the body. So that would be drawing your attention to aches or pains or tensions or issues with the body or an area that you know is dysfunctional or at dis-ease and trouble with your attention to that body part.

Let’s say it's a shoulder. You imagine being inside the body and feeling the tension in that shoulder. You might even want to give that tension or disease an emotion or a feeling like fear or anger or sadness and just really practise and intend that you're going to understand and deeply listen to your body.

⚘ Step number five would be to do some healing and repair

Now that you've identified the emotion or the complication or tension in the shoulder, how could you send the colour you feel at the time - whether it's white light or pink light or golden light or silver light -  into the body part to alleviate and release it?

Energy healing is all about working on the energy blueprint. So it might be that you imagine energy or light going through the pain, or you might imagine it dispersing or moving. You may even imagine it being saturated with a colour of water, earth or fire. The idea is that you direct some attention inside your body to that body part and ask for it to be alleviated and to relax and to heal.

⚘ Step number six would be the reflection on that.

Once you've conducted the healing, you then reflect on what that means for you; what did you find through self-healing?

You start to make those sorts of a-ha moments and connections, and those connections and reflections. These a-ha moments are really important for your mind and spirit to merge and integrate.

The spirit is the healing field of what you did on the healing level, but the mind wants to understand what was done. When you understand and reflect, that's the finalisation of the healing.

So, you can see that it's the intention. It takes time.

Settle into alpha state, go inwards, and practice some sort of healing interoception or inward reflection. Then you send it healing, and then you have your reflection and a-ha moments. This would be how you'd be best able to do some self-healing. 

Enjoy that, and we would love to hear any feedback and thoughts.

Debbie and James

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beautiful post, I love the gentle guidance and how it speaks to what's alive in the moment..

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