When Healing Does Not Work?

You probably already know that there are many doorways to Healing: Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Counselling, Coaching, Acupuncture, Art Therapy, Chiro, Physio, Indigenous Healing and the list goes on… But when all of these healing styles cannot quite nail your problem and you feel completely and utterly stuck, lost, and hopeless - what is the answer?

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Time to Take Your Power Back

As this year really gets a role on, all I can feel is a mix of excitement at how far we have come but also wonder and amazement at our unexpressed potential. I feel that individually and collectively we have a vast reservoir of untapped talent, love, empathy, and power.

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Happiness and Confidence: Free Your Spirit Webinar

I've always believed that happiness is a state of being that’s worth chasing or even changing for.  In my mind, being happy and I mean truly happy, is the gateway to a lifetime of contentment. When you choose to be happy, moments become memorable, opportunities abundant, challenges possible and experiences worth sharing. Life just seems to glow like the golden warmth of the autumn sun.

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Thrive in Winter

So winter is upon us, and it is a beautiful time to rug up, enjoy your winter woollies and some nice soups and slow cooker meals! Energetically it can be a beautiful time to reflect, to hibernate a little, and focus on your internal world whilst indoors a bit more.

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Electromagnetic Frequencies at Home

Understanding and protecting yourself from these energies is seen as one of the most important steps to dramatically improve your well-being in the natural health world today. The great news is the Geoclense and its associated products protect you from these energies...

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