Electromagnetic Frequencies at Home


Most of us have heard of the recommendations from the WHO (World Health Organization) as to limiting exposure to the energy coming out of mobile phones and Wireless technology products. These modern products are fantastic and offer amazing convenience, communication and entertainment but we need to be aware that the energy or electromagnetic radiation emitted from them negatively affects our health.

There is a wonderful new product called Geoclense to hit the market. The Geoclense is a negative ion generator. This device balances positive ions, otherwise known as noxious unhealthy energy. These positive ions are naturally created when there is current passing through the electrical circuit and are referred to as Electromagnetic Radiation, or Dirty Electricity and can have major negative impacts on your health and well-being. 

Understanding and protecting yourself from these energies is seen as one of the most important steps to dramatically improving your well-being in the natural health world today. The great news is the Geoclense and its associated products protect you from these energies. There is a device for your home or office and bands  or pendants for your body and stickers to put on your mobile phone so you are protected wherever you are at all times.

The Geoclense harmonizes all noxious energies emitted from appliances connected to the harmonized circuit as well as those which do not operate from circuits but still produce positive ions.

The Geopathic Stress and EMF Geopathic Stress (GS) are terms used for the presence of unhealthy Earth energies that are present in all living spaces. Geopathic Stress is the imbalance of positive ion fields that are present in many different forms in a given space. Positive ion fields are depleted in oxygen levels, and hence, when life-forms are subjected to Positive Ion fields, cell growth is negatively affected by deprivation of oxygen. This eventually leads to unhealthy cell growth which compromises the body’s immune system, leading to varying ailments such as tumors and Cancer and Leukemia; on the extreme scale. Then on a more subtle level people may be affected by brain chemistry imbalances. This would manifest by our serotonin and melatonin levels becoming depleted, thus creating a feeling of mental instability, varying from mild to high levels of anxiety and depression. With the Geoclense operating, the stress put on the nervous system by the positive ion component of EMR and other sources of noxious energy are removed, and oxygen/photon levels are corrected. Within an instant, space feels lighter and clearer and the well-being of the people restored creating a healthier and happier home or office environment. We need to live in a negative ion balance which maintains healthy oxygen levels promoting healthy cell growth and healthy states of mind and overall well-being. Because of  the advancements with modern Electromagnetic and Wi-Fi technology, sewer and grey water pipes that run through and under our living spaces and a much greater understanding of paranormal effects, GS issues have now become a more complex problem.

Geoclense has the ability to harmonize other sources of positive ion fields such as Electromagnetic radiation form electrical appliances, wiring and power lines up to 200 metres adjacent to property with Geoclense installed. Underground Water Veins Sewer and grey water pipes Fluorescent lighting Fault Lines Microwave beams and fields from appliances and mobile phones Wi-Fi emissions dissolve imprints from previous occupants emotional distress Death imprints and Black Lines along with ghost activity HAARP Beams Personal Beams Radio Frequency fields from mobile phone towers. All sources of artificial heat which normally produce a sickly positive ion resonance of heated and cooled air such as oil, gas and reverse cycle air conditioning Noxious resonance caused by mold and fungi that may be present under floor boards or old carpet To activate the Geoclense simply plug into any power point and turn the switch on. Geoclense does not use any power. It is completely portable from place to place, and has been designed to be compact in size. These products create a crystal clear living or working space that supports your health and is a happier and healthier space to reside in, so that you can get on with you life in a healthy vibrant environment.


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