Eat to Strengthen Your Immunity


Like so many people as we move from one season to another, you probably notice your immune system plays up a bit and colds and sinuses and hay fever start to trigger as we move into spring.

Beautiful ancient wisdom was to do a cleanse between each of the seasons to freshen and heal your system and get your body temple ready for the next season and the nutrition it brings with it.

For example, as we move from winter into spring, doing a detox or cleanse will help the body better absorb the higher water content food we should be eating as the weather gets warmer(salads, etc.) as opposed to the stodgy, winter warming foods we comfort ourselves within the colder months.

To strengthen your immune system try adding ginger, garlic, raw honey, lemon juice, cayenne pepper to your cooking, or your favorite herbal tea.

For hay fever and sinuses, eat local raw honey as this is the honey that was made from the very bees that are stirring up the pollens, etc. from the local plants, etc that are stirring up your hay fever or sinuses, another ancient wisdom that works a treat and tastes good too.

Do some research and you will find a local source of raw honey in your area.

Investing in a netti pot to clear and heal your nasal passage works wonders as well.


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