Are Your Physical Ailments Linked to Blocked Energy?



How to identify if certain ailments are linked to blocked energy? How to feel for blocked energy and to release it?...

We have different layers of energy which culminates in the physical body. We start with the outer layer, the spiritual, the intuitive, and then things come through to the mental, the emotional, and the physical.

When you have a physical issue, ache, pain or an issue going on, in my belief, it started somewhere out there in the energetic layer or the intuitive layer, and it slowly infiltrated until it finally hits a point in your body that the issue relates to.

For example, if I intuitively feel like I'm not in the right job, and if I go to work every day and it sort of feels off, then that's what we call the intuition around you, which is an energetic layer. If you don't deal with it, and you kind of ignore it, or you kind of go you need to be in this job for whatever reason, it starts to infiltrate eventually into the mental layer. You start to think about it. You get up every day and you're like, "I don't want to go to work," or, "I don't feel good about being here in this job." If you still ignore it, it keeps going down to the emotional layer, which then turns into a very emotional state of I don't want to be in this job and you can't get out of bed and you feel compromised and challenged. then eventually, it'll hit the body in some way.

Now, where it comes into the body will relate to the issue. I find most people that have work issues relates to their throat: the expression and communication; or it relates to their sacral chakra, which is around the belly button - that involve boundaries and creativity.

Where you're having a physical ailment will directly relate to where your energy is stuck or blocked.

Kat asked how do I know when it's blocked energy or not. Well, you can feel it in your body if you feel tension, or if you feel the discomfort or some people even describe that they feel a sense of being lost or scattered. If you're feeling lost or scattered or tense in the body, you can directly relate that back to something that's happening in your life.

A lot of people I've known have had knee issues, which relates to: I'm not on the right path or I'm not quite centred in my own power, or there's something changing in my identity or how I see myself. All different body parts are related by energy centres and chakra fields. You can actually start to unpack what's going on in your body by unpacking the emotional and mental and spiritual reasons behind what's going on in your life.

You can actually combat that blocked energy early on by starting to feel where things are rising or being tense in your life and capturing it first on that mental or emotional layer so that it doesn't actually become physical. You can actually circumvent it if you are aware and you're tuned in.

We have a whole module in our Intuitive Course which talks about Enteroception, which is the intuitive gift of travelling inside your body and really feeling the sensations and the understanding and the energy of what's happening in the body long before it becomes physically manifested into an ache or a pain or an illness. I would love to see you there and thanks, Kat, for asking such a great question.

- Debbie x



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