Your Inner Temple


I took this picture of Uluru in April this year, one of the rare times it rained and water was gushing off the rock turning it purple in colour. You can see how big it is in comparison to people. Did you know it runs 6 kms underground!?

So the question today is, Where and what represents your inner temple? The place where you get clear on your dreams and where you can cut through the muck of everyday life to get deep intuitive clarity on your life? James and I recently went to one of the most divine places in the world, Central Australia.

After visiting natural gorges west of Alice Springs and of course visiting Uluru (above pic), I realised what the aboriginals have known for thousands of years, that these natural landscapes are their version of a temple, mosque, church, or religious sacred space. There is something completely freeing and spiritual about standing among these natural structures full of energy and sheer beauty. I can completely understand that they don’t like visitors stealing stones (the equivalent to us stealing a candle from mass), walking over protected areas (us wearing shoes in an Indian temple), or us walking over their beautiful rock (equivalent to climbing the roof of a Church to sit on the cross). It does not really matter what you choose to have as your inner temple. What does matter is that you have space, location, or personal ritual to access your inner wisdom; a place away from everyday life and stress so that you can make clear, powerful decisions about what is important to your development. You may choose to walk by the beach, lie in nature, bushwalk, go to church, meditate, select a “chill out” room in your home or simply visit a spiritual place or class weekly or monthly to get your fix.

It is amazing the clarity you get when you stop and honour your time and self.

When I visited Uluru, I got very clear about what need to be released from my life - physically and emotionally. Uluru, after all, is the Solar Plexus chakra center of the world and activates your personal power, identity and will. I certainly felt a closer relationship to myself and my spirit. With this clarity came a renewed focus and also some weight loss. Aha!

They say that you carry additional weight when things are burdening your energy and need to be released. This is true.

So, I have two questions for you:

  1. What do you need clarity on OR what can you release in your life to lighten the burden?

  2. What or where is your inner temple? What sacred place do you visit to ensure you are listening to the heartbeat of your intuition?


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