What is Your Creative Gift?


Many of us don't think we are creative, because we are benchmarking ourselves against the "traditional" arts such as painting, music, and design. This would be a false assumption!

Fact #1 We all have something we are incredibly good at! It may not appear as a more obvious creative quality, but it is there waiting for your attention and to launch out in full force.

Fact #2 Most of the time, this creative gift is very personal to us and we fail to look within deeply and honor that attribute for the unique skill it is.

Fact #3 When we utilise and respect this unique inner gift, we are accepting our full authentic self and this brings more confidence and courage in life and work.


Understand where creativity lives 
Your creativity is one of your inner "yin" gifts.
What is yin? It is that inner self, your spirit, and your unique blueprint. The natural qualities you embody and live your life by. What people love about you and what you do well.

Your creativity could be expressed in any of these ways if you just open up your heart and look.

- Arts and Design (obvious) - but think beyond painting to interior design, jewellery making, hair design, makeup, clothes and fashion, sewing, designing cushions or t-shirts 
- Music (obvious) - Photography (obvious) 
- Building/ making things 
- Adventure and fun 
- Cooking and food art 
- Gardening - Marketing and Ideas 
- Hosting parties and events 
- Sports/body health, an expression of the physical 
- Writing and Video blogging or making docos/short film 
- Solving problems, coaching and counseling 
- Travel and exploration 
- Dancing 
- Humour and laughter/joy 
- Theatrical and being poetic 
- Presenting

Clues to finding it... 
i) You will love it 

ii) It will come easily to you 

iii) People will admire that quality in you 

iv) You read up about it, or learn about it or are fascinated with it 

v) Have an astrology chart reading with Debbie - your natal chart shows your key gifts and also challenges! 

vi) Ask people what they think you are great at.

How to cultivate it? Whilst we have the "yin" creative gift within us, true confidence comes when we are free to express it into the world (yang) so we strengthen our experience of it.

Repetition gives us further wisdom and confidence to improve.

i)  Hang out with a group of others who have the same passions and do your stuff

ii)  Set aside time in your weekly schedule to bring out this inner creative skill - either at work or home

iii)  Acknowledge it and celebrate that skill - it will come more easily if you practice gratitude for it

iv) Notice how you feel when you are doing it - time will seem to stand still as it's a right-brain (non logical) task

v) For those super switched on peeps, find a way to commercialize it (sell it) so you are always doing what you love and what brings out your creative fire.

That's my role in the world, connecting people to their true creative self and making that your life purpose. Get in touch with me if you are keen to bring out your inner genius!


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