A Career Astrology Chart Lights Your Path

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Everyone wrestles with the question: What am I supposed to do with my life?
They ask: Am I fulfilling my life purpose?

Debbie Pask CAN ANSWER those questions, using an ASTROLOGY CHART specifically to create your unique CAREER BLUEPRINT. Debbie will combine the power of ASTROLOGY with her LIFE PURPOSE FORMULA to provide clarity on and connection to the career meant for you.


Debbie has a natural intuitive passion for assisting people to get on PATH and PURPOSE. After thousands of sessions, her two-step formula has been honed to provide thorough and life changing insights into your career.



Step 1. You need to supply your name, email, date of birth, time of birth to the closest hour, and your location of birth. * Please note that if you don’t know the exact time, we can use a muscle test to pin it down.

Step 2. Debbie will prepare your astrology chart and book a session to go over it with you. The session will include the chart analysis and an explanation of her blueprint process and what it means for your career and personal development. You may want to add a third step to ensure that no stone is left unturned as far as your future career prospects are concerned.

Step 3. You can book a follow-up consultation that makes use of Debbie’s business coaching skills, as she guides you through the process of putting the plan to action so you can make your career and business dreams come true.

“My expertise is to help people find their life purpose or passion and translate that into a savvy business plan/job hunt.” 


Have you ever wondered what gravitational energies were playing out when you were born? Have you wondered what gifts, talents and challenges are presented to you in this lifetime? Have you reached a stumbling block in your career and feel that you need a life coach with a special touch to provide clarity on you career blueprint?

For thousands of years, astrologers have used natal charts to guide people to their life path and to help them discover meaning in several areas of their lives along the way. Like fingerprints, we all have a unique Astrology Natal chart (where the planets were positioned in the sky at the time of our birth) that gives us clues as to what our passions and purpose will be. This chart does not aim to box you in or limit your potential, rather it aims to open up possibilities and ideas for you to pursue. Debbie Pask uses her mindfulness practices and career counselling skills alongside the ancient practice of astrology to help you find the career clarity you need.

Most of us fall into our careers accidentally at a young age when we either did not have the maturity to reflect deeply on what we wanted, or simply did not know what was out there.

If you are a conscious business person you will appreciate the process of understanding your astrology chart and seeing what it says about you and your challenges. You’ll love the way in which it enables you to determine the easiest and most natural way for you to follow your path and have the exciting career that you desire.

Debbie has been working with executives and people for many years, using her life purpose process to establish a career blueprint for them to follow. By adding the natal birth charts to this process, she has created a supercharged result.

As a coach who specialises in the metaphysical and physical, Debbie can provide you with a deeper understanding of your value, your natural talents and your path in this life. 

So, if you want to perform better at work or change your career to something way more satisfying, contact us to book a spot for your Astrology Career Chart reading and analysis with Debbie.

The ASTROLOGY CHART will be prepared by Debbie in advance, and then you have your 1-hour ZOOM session with Debbie to go through the results and opportunities the chart presents. Book your consult today so you can work out how to gravitate toward the best version of yourself.



Unlike other Career Guidance online, this is a customised report that analyses your Astrology Birth Chart honing in on the career aspects. What are career aspects, you ask?

Career aspects include:

✧ Your natural skills and talents

✧ The way you like to work

✧ Your public and career status potential

✧ Your key challenges

✧ Your destiny path to follow

✧What energises you naturally all of the time


“I had worked with several coaches and business mentors before meeting Debbie, but kind of felt like I was spinning my wheels, still feeling stuck in my business, and wasn’t quite sure why.

Working with Debbie has changed everything. From that very first session Debbie’s career astrology chart reading helped me cut through layers of confusion I had been bogged down in for a long time – and got right to the core of where my stuckness had been.

The gift Debbie has for reading and explaining a birth chart with such depth, perceptiveness, intuition and frankness, has been pivotal in reconnecting me with a more authentic expression of me in my career. It’s enabled me to integrate my life purpose with my business purpose – and honestly, that is a relief and a joy. It might sound funny but it’s given me a deeper trust in who I really am (yes, it’s ok to be quirkily me!), and what I’m here to do.

Debbie’s understanding of astrology and how to translate that into something with practical use is also really unique. Oh and by the way, her combination of savvy marketing experience and grounded intuition ROCKS! Gratitude, Debbie, you’re awesome! XO”



“As someone who already lives and breathes my divine blueprint and works as an Intuitive counsellor and health practitioner, I found it firstly, refreshing to have someone else hold the space for me to read and translate my blueprint. However, more so how amazingly spot on Debbie’s reading of my chart in Career terms was in comparison to my deepest yearnings of what my dreams and visions for my purpose really are. This has helped me enormously in moving forward with my deepest vision and what I believe is a large part of my purpose on this plant. I would highly recommend Debbie to assist you in getting clear and moving forward.”