Are you Tapping into your Intuition for Health?

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Let’s talk about the importance of tuning into your intuitive senses for the body. We all know that the body can have various things go wrong with it. Ailments, illnesses, various things that throw us out of balance. That’s all part of being human. 

And a lot of the time people, especially when your health issue is subtle or you are not sure why you've got this health problem, it can be a real mystery for people to unravel. Sometimes medical professionals can't get to the bottom of things or sometimes they can, but they don't know why they started. Don’t you want to know? How could you not want to know? 

You only have ONE human vehicle in this lifetime, so you need to become your own best doctor. 

Unless you trained at medical school, how does one become their own doctor? 

This is where your intuitive senses come in. Because when you're intuitive, you can tune in. Inner vision directed, intuitively directed; you can tune into your body. Travel internally in your body. It's a well know practice called enteroception, which is what we teach in our course about how you travel inwards into the body to feel, communicate and get answers. 

Let me state that again. You tune inwards into your body to feel, to communicate and to get answers from it. 

And you can tune in and actually work out why the health problems are happening in your body due to the psychic sense of enteroception. Intuition is critical with managing your body, and your health because it's the invisible sense - the psychic powerful sense - that connects beyond the mind. It is more of a heartfelt or a metaphysical sense that is able to short circuit what the brain thinks it knows (but it doesn't really) and go straight to the source of any issues or illnesses in our body. So, it's so important to develop your intuitive gifts so that you can be in charge and in command of your body. And when things go wrong, you can find out those answers and then go about resolving or dissolving the issue accordingly. 

Does it mean that you don’t need outside medical professionals to help. No. Sometimes you absolutely do. It just means that you become aware, can pick up on things before they become sinister and can intuitively know what to do, what you need and why. Your intuition might direct you to a doctor, a physio or yoga class. Or perhaps an energy medicine practitioner.
Energy medicine is simply the art of correcting the misaligned energy and emotional baggage from your field (auric, chakra etc). This can be a powerful way to stop the illness/ailment at the source. 

Recently one of my friends had a terrible back pain issue. It was something in life that often caused her deep pain and played up on and off for years. Despite X-Rays, several bodywork sessions and more… it would still reoccur. Recently she become so crippled by the pain she couldn’t work or move. She would wake up crying. I started asking her to listen to the pain in her body and to realise that it was unexpressed emotional burden. She had a lot of old grief and family trauma. So, she started voicing her issues. She started trying to communicate with her body. Then she told her children about the trauma she suffered at the hands of their father… and presto. The back started to heal. She didn’t need her children to be okay with that, she just needed to give that pain a voice. Realising that your pain and ailments are simply metaphysical fractures manifesting into the physical gives you the opportunity to heal from inside out. To move past the reason it is occurring and getting in touch with your inner self. 

Your body will always hold the score of your life burdens so your job is to heal from the inside out and give the body the relief it needs. This is not a logical process; it is an intuitive one. 

Make intuition your best friend, you won’t regret it.

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