Smudging A House

by James Pask

What is smudging?

Smudging is a term used in the spiritual community for performing an 'energetic' cleanse on a home or business space. Just like you clean a house physically of dust, so should you clean out the dirty energy that accumulates over time. This idea of cleansing a space energetically has been around for a long time in indigenous cultures and the western world has caught on to this idea and realize the power of INTENTION - asking for dirty energy to depart and good vibes to come in.

How do you perform smudging?

Most people use a herb that's been around for a very long time called white sage, yet there are other different herbs that are utilised for this process depending on the different cultures and different countries. They all select an herb that is known for its cleansing abilities and to dispel negative vibrations that might gather in a confined space. The herb must be dried so you can easily light it and then blow it out or let the flame burn down so it's smoldering and giving off enough smoke. Once smoking nicely, you walk with it around your house either holding a smudge stick (the herbs tied together in a bunch) or loose sage herb in a bowl and you can choose to hold a feather or item that helps you to wave the smoke around the space that you're clearing. White sage has been used by Native American Indians for a really long time and it seems to be their herb of choice. I also use this herb as intuitively it feels cleansing and calming. In Australia where I live, the aboriginal cultures used different types of  'eucalypt' and other leaves to do what they call 'smoking', which is similar to smudging, to cleanse and heal a space, a person, or an area.

The idea is that these different plants have different healing qualities, and accessing a dried herb and connecting to and asking the spirit of that plant to help cleanse the person or the area is a natural thing to do.

Smudging is more than just burning a herb though...

Although the smoke will help to cleanse a space, there is more power in the ritual if you do it properly. Once you've lit the herb, you then walk through the house or space and you SPECIFICALLY ask for any negative energy (whether they're thoughts or they're emotions and feelings that have been left in your space or any unwanted presences or energies), to leave and leave now, as this is your space and you have the rights to your space. It is important that you take command of the space and confidently ask for what you want. You're commanding these things (energies) to leave, and you're using that smoke, whether it's the sage or eucalyptus, to support the removal and cleansing of negative vibrations. Using your verbal request PLUS watching the smoked herbs waft through the home magnifies the approach. The best way to do it is to have the door shut, let the smoke move through all the different rooms in the houses, and repeat the same sentences as you're walking around the house. And then once the whole house is all full of the smoke and you feel it is complete, then you open all the doors and windows and let the smoke out, and it will take the negative energy out.

Why do I need to smudge my home?

We have a physical mess and then, there's a metaphysical (beyond physical) mess. Just as thoughts are invisible and feelings are invisible, so are the negative vibes that can linger in your home or office space. We all physically clean our house daily or weekly. Many of us give our home a yearly spring clean. Imagine if you never cleaned your house, you never wiped the bench, cleaned the shower, dusted, or vacuumed? Imagine how much filth would accumulate after a year, 10 years, or 20 years? It would be filthy and disgusting right? We all understand the benefits of cleaning our physical space regularly - the showers, the toilets, the cupboards and more. And we know that everything is underpinned by an energetic force or quantum particles. Everything that you see physically around you - your house, your car, and more first started in the invisible world of thought or energy before it manifested into the physical. Just like there's a left and a right, there is a light and a dark. So is there a physical world and a metaphysical world, or what we call a visible world and an invisible world? You're actually living in that invisible energy. Yes, you're inside your house, and you can touch the walls and the ceilings and floors, but that's also made up of energy too. It really comes down to bits of 'quanta' that come together to form molecules and atoms that form the things you see around you. And what we think is just spare space in rooms is actually full of energy as well. It's just we can't see it.

How can negative energy affect me?

You are technically sitting in this unseen energy constantly in your home, and depending on what's happening in that energy, you can either be positively affected by that or negatively affected by that energy. That is why you want to do the cleansing. Just like we cleanse our physical house, we want to cleanse the energy or the invisible side of our house to ensure we are sitting in the good vibes and not the negative ones. Smudging is an easy and accessible way to do that. You can take that smoke, and you can go round with either a smudge stick, and you can let the smoke go through all the rooms and asking any negative energy to leave, and you can cleanse out the negative energy in the home. What happens over time (even if you built a brand new home) is that outside energies can permeate space especially if in the local area there are events that have taken place. There are certain lay lines and meridians of the earth and energies of the earth that come through the ground and can impact that land or the valley, the area that you're in, that your place is built on. What has happened previously on the land can be affecting it. In addition, what is underneath the land, whether there are stormwater drains that are near your home or sewerage, can also give off negative energy to space above. If there are phone towers or mobile phone towers - they also interfere with the energy around the home. One of the biggest impacts can be previous occupants. If people are living on that land or house before you came there, they can leave behind the echoes of their issues. We know that when you're thinking thoughts and feeling strong emotions, they can grow into bubbles of energy. Thoughts become things. How do you know that your anxiety, stress, or fighting in the house isn't caused by the previous occupants who have left their sticky thoughts in the walls? If you're fighting a lot of thinking negative thoughts, these thoughts and these feelings can become lodged, like dust does, energetically into the walls, ceilings, and floors of your home. These thoughts and feelings, unless they're cleaned out regularly through smudging, build up just like dust accumulates physically. Like attracts like, especially if you've had the same thoughts and feelings for a long time.

How can my home space affect my finances?

If you're going through some financial pressure, and you're not feeling good about finances, and you've got a lot of despair and worry, then that despair (worry energy) will become lodged as a repeating record. You're thinking and feeling that every day. You get home from work and you're feeling stressed. You have a glass of wine. And you're thinking despair energy around thoughts and finances and money, and they're vibrating off you, and literally getting stuck into the walls and ceiling because of everything's energy. After a while, it builds up like mold can accumulate in your house and it starts to join together and becomes what we call a 'black mass'. This black mass vibrates out, and wants to be fed, like everything in the universe that wants to be fed. Your cat. If you don't feed your cat, it cries out until you feed it. And it's the same with these black masses. Once they vibrate out and require food (the same negative thoughts and energy), your feelings of despair and stress can magnify. And so while you're feeding it, it'll as for more and grow bigger each time. It gets to a certain point. And even though the financial stress might've gotten less and you're feeling better about it, because you've got this big black mass, this conglomeration of energy of despair around finances and you haven't fed it for a while, it starts vibrating out, just like your cat crying at you, "Feed me. Feed me." But you can't hear it or see it. But all of a sudden, it vibrates out, and it'll actually start to attract you thinking and feeling the same way. So all of a sudden, you start to have more of the same thoughts and feelings of despair of some sort to feed it, and it can really impact the people living in the home.

How can my home space affect my relationship?

Of course, in many houses you move into, not only are you dealing with your thoughts and feelings in there, but you're also dealing with the thoughts and feelings and the energy of the previous people that either lived in your home or worked in your workspace. We find this very often where people move into a home. The previous occupants may have had some relationship issues, or they're selling the home because they got divorced. You can imagine the intensity of the relationship if it ended up in divorce - the years of all the negative feelings towards each other and the arguments. These energies could easily lodge into the home space and as you move into it, you can be affected.  You might move in there as a happily married (or partnered) couple, but all of a sudden within six months, you guys are fighting more than you've ever fought before, and you think, "Oh, what happened? Ever since we moved into this house, we're just not getting along well." And it's because that same energy is in there and like-attracts-like, so it starts to affect the people living in there. That's why it's so important to cleanse your house especially if you just moved there. Smudging helps with these things as INTENTION is powerful.

When smudging isn't enough?

However, after working in the metaphysical space for many years and clearinghouses, I realised that sometimes it takes more than just a smudge. I was finding myself continually having to go back and smudge some specific spaces all of the time. What I've found is to actually do a proper clearing on a home negative impact, you need a stronger more directed session. Smudge is something you can do yourself to maintain and keep the energy clear and stop things from building up (mainly negative thoughts and feelings), but, realistically, you need to do a proper clearing (dedicated professional session) to reset the energy in the home if there is a large traumatic event or an eerie presence of some sort. I have developed over time from several different teachings, a powerful space clearing process using a third-party surrogate to do a remote clearing. I do this from a distance, and the reason I do it from a distance through a surrogate is so that I don't become affected by the home space that might try to control what I do. Under natural law, if I enter your home space and come into contact with negative energy that holds a lot of power and presence, then I can be subject to that energy. Might sound like I am being paranoid here, but I have experienced enough encounters over time to respect the force of the invisible world. If I enter a negative space then I am not guaranteed to be in full control of a space clearing session - so I'm at a disadvantage trying to clear it out. However, if I do it remotely through a surrogate, I control that energy safely and effectively and under the natural/universal law, I then manage whatever presents itself and deal with it head-on. It's a very, very safe and effective way of clearing a house, office, land and more. Smudging is a good way to maintain once you've completed a good clearing on a house. Get a proper clearing done to go back and clear any unwanted energies, whether they're spirits or all of the things that might haunt or affect the house. Even if there's nothing that's haunting the house, just clearing the build-up of thoughts and negative energies things that have accumulated from yourself or others before you can be life-changing. Just like I said before, just as you physically clean your house, you also want to give it an energetic cleanse. Once we do this, I can show and teach you the ways of maintaining the energy via smudging and more techniques that will leave your space feeling like the zen sanctuary you want it to be!  

What else can I do to cleanse my home or office apart from a smudge?

Things you can do to cleanse your home or office apart from smudging is to bring some light and bright colors into your house. Also, you can play some nice music that either has a feel-good vibe, a happy vibe. Music with positive experiences rather than the blues or angry music! Let sunlight in and air the place as well. You can use some indoor plants and crystals to bring that beautiful energy into the home. You can use essential oils throughout the home. These are all things you can do. And you can play a crystal bowl or Tibetan bowl in the home to use these energies to cleanse your home or office. And they're really fantastic things to do, and they really create a good frequency or good vibration - clearing unwanted emotions to build up and affect your space. To do a thorough clearing when your home space feels really crappy (nightmares, feeling unsettled in the home) or if accidents start to happen, you might need to get a professional to go in there and cleanse it properly, to clear things off the timeline of the land, the house, and the dimensions of the sky that come up off the ground, because every six feet off the earth, there's a new dimension. These areas need to be addressed in order to clear a place properly. Once that's done properly - you can book a SPACE CLEARING SESSION through us, we will give you a FREE E-COURSE to watch after the clearing's been done, which will show you how to actually maintain the energy of your home daily and ongoing to keep it free and clear. I've mentioned a few of those ways above already. Your space is your sanctuary, so get the energy right and enjoy the good vibes!


James Pask has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about. 

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