Receiving Abundance


Are you seeking more money, a better relationship or to get pregnant? All of these things you seek are driven energetically by how willing and open you are to energetically RECEIVING. Your energy is expressed as GIVING (Yang) and RECEIVING (Yin). 

Which do you mostly sit within? If you are running a trillion miles per hour, making lists, keeping busy, reflecting outwards and expending heaps of energy talking and doing and acting… you are in YANG. 

Yang is logical, rational and project planning to the nth degree. This state of energy is wonderful and generous, but if you stay here too long – you block the flow of abundance.

The universe says “she or he does not need anything and there is no spare and fertile space to grow anything new or bring in more”. Hence, financially it stagnates and it pushes away opportunities. For women seeking to get pregnant – the space for a baby does not exist.

On the other hand, if you are creative, intuitive, open, fluid and free – internally reflecting and opening up space in your mind & body - then you are in YIN mode. This mode is perfect for bringing in new energy, love and yes… abundance. 

You are telling the universe “I have space for new adventures and I am more than ready to receive. Look at how balanced, calm and fertile I am!”. Obviously, it is unhealthy to stay forever in Yin or Yang – which is why flipping between them is healthy and extremely satisfying.

So, what is the ultimate balance?

Listen to your body and spirit. Feel when you need to be in Yin and when Yang is the right path. This could change day to day or week to week. If you have been a crazy person running around and yangin’ it up for too long, it’s time to fall into the graces of Yin for as long as you can to recover and repair.

Top Tip: Yin is creative and means no lists, no logic, and certainly no project planning. It’s all about the inner child and fun, fun and more fun.


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