Feel Like Groundhog Day…Again?


If you have been on our mailing list for more than a year, you will recognize this article to be similar to December. Yes, it’s that time of year again where shadows rise, the intensity grows and your annual lessons (if not integrated) get crunched into a few short weeks of heat and fire. What am I talking about?

Loads of clients tell me they feel that sense of disconnection and loneliness in life, even though living in a busy city. They have a great job, great friends and family, and big social outlets. So why is there a sense of uneasiness and emptiness that permeates through us when we stop for a second to reflect on life?

The end of the year asks us to review what this might be and commands us to course-correct if we haven’t done so. If we haven’t:

a. Reconciled our lessons

b. Acted on important decisions.

c. Put ourselves at the top of our priority list.

d. Or had those trick conversations...

…then welcome to the shadowy last 6 weeks of the year! Although it might be seriously annoying – it really is for the best.

Try this 3 stage approach and keep yourself sane. Of course, if you are floating peacefully through the rest of the year, nice work! You must have nailed your lessons already.


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  • Know that this short intense period is a game-changer if you can respond to the challenge.

  • Manage your stress levels through meditation, yoga to detox your joints (emotions), and getting out into nature to let it all go after a busy day.

  • Ask your friends to give you some good feedback or reflection. Often other people can see what your blocks are better than you as they have perspective.

  • Seek some healing and nourishment so you have the fuel in the tank to work it out.


Take a moment and get yourself some space.

Write down the 1 or 2 main things that are creating conflict or difficult feelings within you. Not whether this relates to work, relationships or habits/personal attitudes or judgments.

Decide whether you need to STOP, KEEP or START.

STOP - means that you need to stop giving this conflict attention and surrender or let it go – that could be a job, a relationship that is done or an old habit

KEEP – means that you want to salvage the situation creating conflict but you need a new fresh outlook or a different approach to resolving it – this is a fine-tuning of your skills.

START – you need a new project, relationship or plating a new seed that will feed your transformation and help you to get where you are going.

In all cases, decide on STOP, KEEP, START and then list your next 3 actions to get you to a conclusion or better outcome. That could be a state of mind, a new skill, a commitment to self or some external support.

"Pause and remember: Every single event in your life, especially the difficult lessons, have made you smarter, stronger, and wiser than you were yesterday."


In all cases, please remember that to tie this up properly you need to reflect on what this personal conflict or challenge means for you. We are not just randomly put through a test of courage so the universe can laugh at us. We are given opportunities to evolve and leap ahead. Some good reflection questions are:

a. What have I learned about myself through this issue?

b. What beliefs have shifted or need to shift?

c. How can  I better support myself and develop new healthy habits?

d. What has this person shown me that I needed to know?

e. How can I use this experience to further my life path?

Good luck with working out your end-of-year challenges.

If you are seeking some clarity and want to get some serious feedback and reflection, it'd be my honor to assist you. 

Love and light,

Debbie Pask    

Debbie Pask helps people to live a spiritual life and specializes in helping you move through major life transitions- whether, that can be career purpose, personal identity challenges, relationship conflicts at work or home, working through burnout/ stress, and more.



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