How to Embody Divine Feminine and Masculine


Question: How to embody divine feminine and balance the divine masculine? - Bita


One of our lovely Facebook group members posted a question that wanted an answer to, about how to embody the divine masculine and the divine feminine. For those of you that haven't heard of those terms, we're feminine and we're masculine, we have both sides to us.

The divine feminine is what we call the yin, which is the creative, the flowing, the connected part of us that's non-rational. It's all about feeling, night-time, moon, energy and receiving. It's all about filling up, nourishing, receiving and bringing in. It's a softer, gentler energy, but is still a strong energy. Whereas the yang, which is a divine masculine, is more about the action, the doing, the getting out there, giving out energy, ticking off that to-do list, getting things done. It's daytime. It's the sun. It's illumination.

It's about embodying both parts of your life. How do you do that?

The best way to think about it, is what athletes do when they run a race. There's a beautiful model which is called the peak performance and rest model. What athletes do, is when they go to win a race, they prepare, they build, they get fired up, and when they win their race or when they go and do their race, that's called yang energy. Yang energy is that heightened expending of energy they are giving out and its where they're at their fullest. But athletes don't just stay in one long, continual race. What they do is they come down, they drop into what we call yin, which is that rest, recovery, and rehab state. They will nourish their body, they might go and get a massage, but essentially they really rest deeply in those peak cycles that go down. What happens is this beautiful flow, of winning the race or running the race, rest, run the race again, then rest. And in our normal lives we often don't do that.

The corporate athlete, for example, just tends to want to run this race constantly without resting. In our life, we need to know when to be in yin or yang. Because yin at work is creativity and feminine energy at work, which might mean connecting, being social. It could mean that you're taking time to think and feel or lucid dream or vision. It's very gentle energy. It's strategic. Whereas the yang at work is making the calls, doing the sales, rolling out the project plan, really expending energy, and driving. And so, you can see that at work we have to go in between the creative, lucid, strategic time, versus a smash-it-out sales time. Same with home life. Yin at home is resting, having a bath, reading a book, doing a creative hobby, having a nice meal, and sitting down and resting. Whereas yang at home would be smashing out the laundry or doing the dishes or doing something that's a chore that isn't really restful, but you have to get it done. It's like the admin. If we can stick to that yin yang flow throughout our day and throughout our week, then we start to embody both the feminine and the masculine.

We can be soft and gentle. We can be strong and directed

If you think about it in terms of true masculine and true feminine versus false, think about the king and the queen archetype. The king is the true masculine archetype. He's accountable. He takes care of the kingdom. He makes sure his village is safe. He'll go to war if he has to, but genuinely he wants peace. He wants everyone to have a good time of it in the kingdom as opposed to the false masculine, which is the prince: all power, no responsibility. He's reckless. Probably has many affairs. Leaves a trail of destruction. And so, when you think about embodying masculine and feminine, you want to embody the true masculine, which is that commanding, authoritative, responsible but kind and benevolent energy as opposed to that reckless, ranting or wielding energy that's maybe angry or overly heroic or a bit intense.

Likewise, with the feminine, we have the true feminine, the queen, or the false feminine, the princess. The true feminine being the queen is all about being strategic and guiding and commanding. She doesn't demand respect. She commands it. It's more about wielding that creative, strong, knowing, wise energy. She looks after herself. She doesn't run herself ragged. She takes care of herself as opposed to a princess, which is a false feminine, who may throw a tantrum, maybe wants everything too quickly, maybe doesn't always think about other people, and tends to demand and not command. Embodying the masculine and the feminine is all about knowing the king and the queen, versus the prince and the princess. It's all about having your performance flowing up and down in a nice rhythmic cycle so that you rest and then you also race at different times. And it's also about understanding how you interact with other people when you go about doing this.

When is the time to put on more of that king-like energy?
When is the time to be queen-like energy?
Understand the differences.

I hope that's answered that question for you about embodying the masculine and the feminine, and how you can beautifully manage that, because when you nail it and when you manage it, life just becomes so much more flowing for you. Enjoy.

- Debbie x


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