Body Talk: Reading the Signs Your Body is Giving You

This is a body talk. Reading the signs your body is giving you. Our body is communicating with us every day, giving us messages about what is happening on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Many of us ignore these messages and push through life trying to numb them down or block them out? I fall into this trap too sometimes, the secret is to learn the art of body talk.

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How Your Beliefs Can Change the Course of Your Destiny

Rezinate-how-your-beliefs-can-change-your-destiny Blog-900x600
What metaphysical teachers have been saying for years has finally been proven by science. That is what you THINK and more importantly, BELIEVE will come into physical reality through the holographic universe (source field of energy around you)...

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Thrive in Winter

So winter is upon us, and it is a beautiful time to rug up, enjoy your winter woollies and some nice soups and slow cooker meals! Energetically it can be a beautiful time to reflect, to hibernate a little, and focus on your internal world whilst indoors a bit more.

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The True Meaning of Mother’s Day

What does Mother’s Day really mean? Gifts and lunches out are wonderful, but there is way more to it…. If you are celebrating Mother’s Day, it means you have reached the “Double Goddess” stage. Well done!

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